Thursday, 13 February 2014

Death or Glory Episode 30

Heya everyone and welcome to episode 30 of the death or glory podcast!

Death or Glory 2: The Feature table!

Last tournament we decided we wanted a feature table, a table that people would go on and we would record the games and then report on the games on the blog and put up videos of the games online.

Unfortunately we found that the sound wasn't very good and the video wasn't up to a standard were we could publish them and it be good.

So this time out we've decided to interview the people on the feature table instead and put that on the podcast, with the view into potentially streaming it in the future.

We were approached by Andy Brown who said he would make us a feature table. Anyone who has seen any of Andy’s work on 40k Global or at any tournament knows how good this guy is at painting and we said a resounding yes.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Monday, 3 February 2014

Dark Eldar: Woking Weirdboys.... ESCALATION!

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to the Dark Eldar Series, I’ve had a bit of a break organising a tournament and having x-mas and so on but now I’m back with the bi-week look at everything Dark Eldar.

So having started to write again I had to do something big… I had to Escalate!

Me, Rich and Steve travelled down to Woking Weirdboyz to join in the Lord of War silliness. Only I decided just to take a 1850 list I would take to any tournament and see what a difference it made.

Journey To Throne of Skulls: Journeys End

I was unsure of how to write this up. Rather than go down the traditional format of listing the games and so forth I thought I would give the event an overview and rough rundown of it.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

List-Fu: 1650pts SW+IG+INQ for GT Final
CMON, Beamo (GW)

I thought I'd put up the list that I'm working on for the 40k GT finals in March. This list has developed from the thinking behind this post and the following discussions on Total Immersion and at the club, so thanks to everyone who contributed their thoughts (Coyote, hornywingythingy and Jamie in particular).
As usual, this is intended to be a take-on-all-comers list but it is worth nothing that this list has not been designed to deal with Lords of War, S:D weapons or AV15, as these have been banned from the final.