Monday, 19 November 2012

Dark Eldar: The Infantry Revolution

Dark Eldar: The Infantry Revolution

Mech is dead….. LONG LIVE INFANTRY!!! Apparently…. Well not for me just yet but this blog will look into the Dark Eldar On foot infantry options that seem to be appearing everywhere at tournaments atm. These so called Deathstars seem to be multiplying at a ferocious speed so I’ll have a go at figuring how to join the party. I’ll be looking at my Eldar Allies as well to see if there’s any big blocky units in there to use… so without further ado let’s see where this revolution came from.

The infantry revolution

5th ed was the era of the rhino, the chimera and the razorback. Vehicles would only die on a 5+ and units inside would remain able to counter if the tank died and so on.

However now due to Hull points, The restrictions of charging from vehicles even if its stood still and the shaken result being carried over if the unit disembarks, people have started looking elsewhere. Don’t get me wrong these units are still being used a bit but maybe more of a reluctance to fully change the army.

So why am I sitting here telling you this when my army has 9 vehicles in it? Well Dark Eldar’s vehicles weren’t really affected by the changes; they were easy to kill anyway and are still the best way to bring in splinter cannon death. The new edition has also seen more infantry on the board allowing the venoms many targets and the fact the whole army is skimmers allows the army a good level of protection. (5+ cover if they move)

But should I Be taking blocks of infantry? Let’s have a look at my options…


1. The ability to hold objectives – Yes can this unit take an objective…. So troops only.

2. Durability – Feel no pain, an improved cover save or something along those lines

3. Good Damage output – Not necessarily game winning output, but enough.

4. The ability to hold in round 1 of a combat – to allow counter charges to help out.

Note: I’m assuming all the units below will take an aegis and a haemonculus for Feel no Pain


Now let’s assume the wracks are sitting behind a wall, a unit of 10 is 100 points. This gives you 12 wounds with a 4+ cover and a 5+ feel no pain. Let’s give the unit a hex rifle and the haemonculus a hex rifle for Daemon Prince assassination that’s 140 points. Not bad but there are only 11 models in the unit….. Not exactly a horde probably not the best option. Can make them fearless with another haemonculus as well but again a lot of points for just 10 guys. Not an option for me.


No ranged damage output. Still you can get 20 for 200 points and that is a daunting unit to charge especially if it has some shard nets and a phantasm grenade launcher. They can also have haywire grenades. Mixed with divinations 4+ save this could be viable (Maybe) but let’s face it, probably not.

Dark Eldar Warriors

Let’s face it this is the only option. 20 with 2 splinter cannons is only 200 points. To get a phantasm grenade launcher it’s only another 30 points. With proper spells this unit can also be pretty handy at taking punishment (4+/5+) Oddly enough at 20 strong it can still take a venom (cause it would be rude not too obviously) This unit shoots 30 poisoned shots at 24 inches and 48 at short range…. All for 230 points!


This units guns are too short range to produce threat really and at bs 3 anyway there aren’t gunna help too much. Similar points to the Dark Eldar Warrior unit and just not as good.


2+ cover save is great; unfortunately if anyone ever gets close they die horribly. Not great for an objective holding unit


Ok so a unit of 20 Dark Eldar Warriors right? The question is why I don’t use them…

Remember this is only my opinion and maybe your use of dark eldar is different to mine. I’m not all knowing. But the way I use my dark eldar relies on speed and manoeuvrability. By using a warrior squad they are relatively un manoeuvrable and are restricted to sitting and objective holding within the aegis unless Eldrad can supply them with a 4+ invulnerable save.

The second answer of why is that I would have to get an aegis and a haemonculus. That’s another 100 points. For 330 points I can get 3 ravagers, 2 ½ wych units in venoms. Perhaps I need to get with the times but for now this old timer is sticking to his guns. Until then peace out yall!



  1. Another Deathstar is 10 Wraithguard with a Warlock (Wraithseer) giving a 3+ cover save and a Farseer or Eldrad giving fortune, and any other good powers.

    It's ridiculously expensive, and so I doubt I'd use even if I was using Eldar, let alone just as allies.

    I agree with you and I don't think DE can do the deathstar troops. If we move outside troops we can form mini deathstars that can been normal infantry but will struggle with dedicated close combat units. I'm thinking Beastmasters with the Baron, and Grotesques with an Archon.

    I think it's best to have add a few extra small troop units to claim objectives (probably going for 2 nearly full units and 3 to 4 small units), and leave the main killing to the rest of the army.


    1. I believe Dark Eldar are restricted in their transports, in that they can only take a transport they can fit in (unlike Marines and Razorbacks). Therefore the 20 warriors could not take a venom, but they're still the best durable troop unit


  2. 10 Wraithguard and Warlock is an amazing unit, the trouble is their effective range is shocking and it is a 'king expensive block of troops, which is difficult to get your points back with. They are too dangerous and too short ranged to set up objective camping in your deployment zone (as you would NEVER) get your points back and they get shot to death as they plod across the table.

  3. Totally agree with the points both of you made about wraithguard there. Rob have you tried that grotesque unit out? seems brutal to me!

    I currently run 4 scoring units but lots of tournaments have started to eek towards using a sliding scale so irritatingly ill have to shoe in a few more.

  4. How about Dire Avengers? Not sure how many you can have in a squad, but the shot output is pretty decent

  5. 10 max in squad and range isnt good enough really for a sit back holding unit. They cant get fnp either so very easy to kill

  6. I haven't tried the grotesques yet, I've just bought the models to build my conversions (Hordes Legion of Everblight Warspears with Talos arms, heads & other various bits). I was inspired to try grotesques after reading this blog's battle reports:

    I use 4 troops and 1500pts and 5 at 1750. Luckily my local tournaments are all 30/10/1 W/D/L scoring systems. Without tough troops (even wracks are that tough) I find it hard to have more than 2 objectives at the end of a game. I think DE are much better at killing the opponent's troops than having are own camp on an objective.


  7. A unit I've found do pretty well is the simple naked 10 man warrior squad. Just dump them on a backfield objective and go to ground whenever you need to.
    The lack of lances or cannons means they have no long range threat and therefore tend to get ignored. Also makes them effective for KP denial.
    Buy them a raider to use for screening purposes or desperate last gasp tank hunting (single lance shot, never works). Cheap and effective. I used 2 of these in my last tournament and they did the job really well.