Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tau in 6th (Part 2 Painting Update)

So as I promised I will post pics of the start of my Tau army. I used an airbrush to paint them quickly and will do a tutorial of how I did this in the coming weeks. This is a different way of painting to my normal way which is to paint a model at a time. The idea behind this is to get the army on the table to start playing and then to detail up all the models in the future.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Death or Glory Podcast: Episode 10

This time me and the gang look at all the armies and rate them in todays tournament meta. We also talk about the recent aldershot and caledonian tournaments and Rich gives his first thoughts on his new tau army.

Finally breaking tragic news from Birmingham were Battlefield Birmingham took place!

Dark Eldar: List Evolution

Dark Eldar: List Evolution

Ok so as I’ve said I went to the Caledonian uprising and from that I’ve learnt a lot about my army and what it needs to compete. Although I didn’t play Daemons, I played Necrons and I changed my mind about a few things. Building an army that can compete in the north and the south is a tough prospect but I believe I’ve learnt a lot about what it Is to be dark eldar.

Tau in 6th (Part 1 Inital Thoughts)

Ok for those of you who have listened to the latest episode of the podcast will know I have become bored of the Fallenwing project. Painting that much black was not fun and the combination of that mixed with the very 1 dimensional play style of terminators quickly lost my interest.

But with the death of that project was the birth of another.

This new project needed to have focus tick a few boxes for me...

1.) Be an underdog, giving me a challenge and also room to grow with the list. I decided on this rule having been inspired by reading Steve’s 1st Sisters post.
2.) Must allow me to paint it (to good gaming standard) at speed so that I can try out allot of different elements in the list.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Tournament Gamers Painting Masterclass 9: John Swallow – Necrons

Tournament Gamers Painting Masterclass 9: Andrew Taylor – John Swallow

So when I was at the Caledonian uprising the other week and I wondered over to my table, I noticed this shining crypt type thing on the table. Did someone leave this from a Warhammer tournament? Is this some sorta massive LOS scenery? No this was the scenic base of John Swallow. It’s rare to see sceneric bases these days especially in tournaments where they aren’t needed for points. It certainly was eye catching…. I caught up with Master Swallow and this is what he had to say.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Dark Eldar: Nemesis part 3 – Tyranids

Dark Eldar: Nemesis part 3 – Tyranids

So with thoughts swimming through my head and a new army forming in my head, it’s time to head back to nemeses. Thanks for your support for the nemesis blogs I’ve had huge readership for it and calls for army x and army y. So far I’ve concentrated on the poor matchups for dark elder. However let’s switch this around. The other end of the spectrum was…. Tyranids. So let’s have a look at them shall we?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Death or Glory Podcast: Episode 8

Welcome one and all to the Death or Glory podcast episode 8!

We recorded this back in December and as such we've already been to the Caledonian uprising!

This time we discuss Forgeworld and Fortifications and a interview with Mr Gary Percival of 40kuk, sanguine sons and the northern tourny scene fame.

Any feedback is welcome on the facebook group and to

if the link doesnt work as allways just follow this link. Its also downloadable on i-tunes.

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Sisters of Battle - The First Game (Wraithwing) Part 1

'I don't want blood. I can take your blood.
I am asking for souls. Only you can give me your soul.'
-Dolan Chirosius, Sermon on the road to Gathalamor

Let's get stuck in shall we. Saturday night i ventured to Mikes house and we played a game of what we lovingly call Floorhammer. Those of us that started the hobby at a younger age will be familiar with the setup.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Sisters of Battle - Looks Good on Paper©

'No army is big enough to conquer the galaxy. But faith alone can overturn the universe.'
- Ecclesiarch Deacis IX, Codex Imperialis

Last night I pitched the list I posted previously against one of the top armies currently on circuit.

I am informed that this list was created by the infamous Joshua Roberts® over at 40KUK© and was used at the recent Caledonian Uprising tournament - although it is very similar to what our very own Luke Nurser® was using towards the end of 5th and into 6th.

Tournament Gamers Painting Masterclass 8: Andrew Taylor – Traitor Guard

Tournament Gamers Painting Masterclass 8: Andrew Taylor – Traitor Guard

The final painter who placed in heat three is Andrew Taylor. Now I really dislike guard. Mainly because im dark eldar (check my nemesis article!). But also because they allways seem… well…. Boring to look at? Andrew Taylor however has turned his guard into some beautiful (and a little disturbing) piece of art and has turned them to Chaos. Infact Andrew won the painting competition with these guys. So without further ado this is Andy and this is his story.

Sisters of Battle - The Army List

'That which was will be. That which dieth will live. That which falleth will rise up. This, I say to you, is the nature of things. If you but once believe.'
- Saint Sabbat, Epistles

Salutations fellow Adeptus Sororitas fans. In my last installment you'll remember I was talking about the current 6th edition meta and where I saw Sisters fitting in to it.

Well you'll be glad to know that I have come up with an army that I believe is pretty good - and not a forge world unit in sight! Without further ado...

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sisters of Battle - The Resurrection

'I tread the path of Righteousness. Though it be paved with broken glass, I tread it barefoot; though it cross rivers of fire, I will pass over them; though it wanders wide, the light of the Emperor guides my step.'
- Dolan Chirosius, Sermon on the road to Gathalamor

Some of you may be surprised to hear that towards the end of 5th edition i had a bit of success with the not so common Sisters of Battle.

It was about the time that the White Dwarf codex came out. The other guys from Death or Glory (DoG) will tell you that I'm a sucker for an underdog - but not only that, there was something about the army that made me want to use them...