Thursday, 13 February 2014

Death or Glory 2: The Feature table!

Last tournament we decided we wanted a feature table, a table that people would go on and we would record the games and then report on the games on the blog and put up videos of the games online.

Unfortunately we found that the sound wasn't very good and the video wasn't up to a standard were we could publish them and it be good.

So this time out we've decided to interview the people on the feature table instead and put that on the podcast, with the view into potentially streaming it in the future.

We were approached by Andy Brown who said he would make us a feature table. Anyone who has seen any of Andy’s work on 40k Global or at any tournament knows how good this guy is at painting and we said a resounding yes.

Andy said it would be a table like one from Warhammer world, one of the sculpted ones like Minas Tirith for Lord of The Rings.

I thought id show you his work in progress so far and his comments to me…

So streets will be paved, block work on raised area sides, with a few stepped accesses, large ruined building in centre with floor blown, keeping a clear area for the relic. Plus Los block to relic from street view, rubble areas only sloop 1" making it easy for terrain rolls , two large raise ruined buildings in corners, with top levels open to the world to see, only giving cover save but Los. Lower levels of these buildings gives models a chance to be hidden from view.

I asked Franco,Dave, Bj and Taylor there views on what scenery should be included on an ideal board, given them a rough Idea of what I am doing and the reference. Just to make it the best board not just looks but in function.

If you wan’t to see the feature table in it’s full glory, get yourself down to the Death or Glory tournament!

Ta Ta!

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