Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Death or Glory Tournament FAQ

This is our FAQ for the upcoming tournament.

Any queries please message me on Facebook and ill add the questions to the FAQ i won't add anything that is obvious.

This FAQ was created in concert with Ian Courteney from the Woking 1st Founding.

Depending on the success the idea is to create a southern club FAQ for everywhere in the south. As frankly its pretty Rubbish when one tournament rules one things and another rules something else.

Q. Does the ignore cover rule effect tanks?
A. Yes

Q. Can effects such as certain warlord traits, wargear (Fateweavers staff) and certain abilities (Aunva’s Aura) affect the table even if the model is in reserve?
A. No. The exception to this is the Autarch reserve rule as it states in the rule ‘if an army includes’

Q. What cover save do I receive if I go to ground in area terrain behind a ruin?
A. 3+ from the area terrain or 3+ from the ruins

Q. Can Fate weaver use his re-roll on the random game length or night fighting rolls.
A. No. These rolls occur in the game turn and not player turns. Fateweaver can only use his re rolls in player turns.

Q. What counts as part of the hull in regards to vector strikes from a heldrake?
A. Any part of the wing or model that has moved over or is above the unit. See vehicle rules for details. Any part of the wing on a flyer counts as the hull, including the cockpit.

Q. Can line of sight only be drawn to the riders of bikes, jetbikes or calvary as they are items  often classed as wargear and the line of sight rules state that line of sight does not count when drawn to wargear, weapons or wings.

A. No. line of sight is drawn to any part of the bike, Jet bike or calvary model. As the distance moved is measured from either the base or model (which would either be the actual base or hull), and they have the base rules of infantry in regards to movement, line of sight from weapons when they are shooting and in terms of cavalry and bikes are mounted on bases then line of sight can be drawn to any part of the model not just the rider. Furthermore items such as power armour, crisis battle suits and flesh metal on obliterators are all wargear. Therefore if by saying yes to this question, only models without helmets would have line of sight drawn to them.

Q. Is the Fiends of Slannesh disruptive song accumulative?
A. No. maximum of -1 per leadership test for psychic powers no matter how many are within range.

Q. In the rule book it says that you cannot be shot at down through a level of a building if you cannot see the model, i.e. through the floor of a ruin or skyshield but does not say anything about upwards, especially in the case of indirect fire vehicles such as a Manticore. Can I place my manticore underneath a Skyshield and shoot models on the top of it as well as else where on the board.
A. No. Although there is no reference to firing up through a floor, rules as intended in regards to firing down means that you cannot fire up through a floor and will need clear air space above the model to be able to fire indirectly.

Q. Can an independant grant infiltrate to a unit during deployment (Such as Karandras allowing a Wraithguard unit to infiltrate)
A. No. Deployment states that a independant can only join a unit after being deployed in coherency with them or after being put into reserve with them.


  1. Some quite contentious ones in there, fateweaver having to be on the table for his reroll but the autarchs manipulation not needing it? I'd argue fateweavers just as implicit as working wetter he is on the table or not.

    I'd disagree on the fiend one too....

    But then, I'm not an attendee, good luck with it, maybe gw will actually release an faq that addresses these and other issues before the tournie?

  2. I think Fateweaver is a tough one. The difference is that the Autarch has that statement with his rule. Would Fateweaver not also have that statement if his ability worked when he is off the table? It can be read either way.

    Fiends on the other hand, at least in my opinion is clear.

    'Enemy Psykers within 12" of a Fiend of Slaanesh have a -1 penalty to their leadership when taking Psychic tests.'

    It doesn't matter how many Fiends there are, you are in range of a Fiend and therefore get -1 leadership.

    GW do need to sort out their FAQs!

  3. I agree with both, and that is how I have been playing them until GW say otherwise.

  4. Yeah, no faq since april is a bit bonkers, given the volume of releases they need to step it up a bit.

    Honestly? No, kelly tends to write messy codeci, at least with eldar he had a co writer, and demons is a mess of messed up rules, I'd say fiends are too expensive if the rebuff doesn't stack, but that's my opinion.

  5. Please clarify the last Q/A about infiltrate in relation to Huron (or any chaos lord with that warlord trait)... as normally people will give infiltrate to an IC then have them join a unit with a transport, giving all the models infiltrate - Thus with this ruling you reduce this. Is this the way you intend for this FAQ to impact on those players? Is there not a statement in the rulebook under this rule that allows the IC to infer the ability to a unit.

    1. Or the other way round if the IC joins a unit with the rule do they then get the Infiltrate ability?

    2. Stephen, to answer your questions:

      Question 1: Can an IC with infiltrate, infiltrate with a unit which does not have infiltrate?

      Answer 1: No.

      IC deployment (Rulebook page 39)"An IC can begin the game already with a unit by being deployed in coherency with it or, if the unit is in reserve, by informing your opponent of which unit it has joined"

      Infiltrator deployment (Rulebook page 38) "Units that contain at least one model with this special rule are deployed last, after all units have been deployed"

      infiltrators are deployed last (after everybody else is deployed). In order for an IC to attach to a unit he has to either join them in reserves or be deployed in coherency with them. If the unit does not have Infiltrate and are not going into reserves, they are deployed with the rest of the army, before the IC can attach to the unit and confer Infiltrate. The IC can join the unit if the unit reserves, in which case they can outflank.

      Question 2: Can an IC without the Infiltrate special rule join a unit with the infiltrate special rule and infiltrate with them?

      Answer 2: No. "An IC without the infiltrate special rule cannot join a unit of infiltrators during deployment" (Rulebook page 38).

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    4. "The IC can join the unit if the unit reserves, in which case they can outflank." Ah this is the bit I was really after... and thus my confusion.