Thursday, 26 July 2012

Daemons in 6th Part 1 - HQ and Elites

With the advent of 6th edition most people will certainly agree that the playing field has been levelled to quite some degree. This will no doubt shake down as time progresses and the stronger codexes emerge, but for now the Daemons are loving life. They have some of the best units in the game and their crippling weaknesses have been reduced.

So, first off is the generic rules rules for the Daemons. The Daemon rule has been changed now. Everything that is a daemon gains a 5+ invulnerable save and causes fear. This is great for things like Soul Grinders, who before were giant AV13 sitting ducks, they now get a save! Woooo!! Fear now means that a unit in combat with any Daemon unit must take a leadership test before the fight sub phase and if they fail they are reduced to WS1, quite useful against lower leadership troops, and can sometimes ruin even a high leadership models day. Unfortunately all Space Marines are immune.

Daemonic assault has also changed somewhat. With reserves arriving on a 3+ on turn 2, and then the same on turn 3 before automatically arriving turn 4 there will be very few occasions when you dont get your army on the board. But... and its a BIG but. If you dont have anything on the board... thats it, game over. So still risky...

So without further a do, Ill talk about the big lads at the front and their favoritest killing machines (HQ and Elites).

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Death or Glory 40k Podcast Episode 2: Vehicles in 6th

Hey guys,

we are back with Episode 2 of our podcast, this episode is all about the changes to vehicles in 6th and we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible within the scope of a podcast
that isn't overly long!

Dark Mechanicus in 6th

Ok so it has been a while since I have posted on Death or Glory. Since that initial post my army has come to life and even made a tournament appearance before the death of 5th ed. If you wish to follow the progress of the army towards the end of 5th you can do so on, however I will post most of the current models in this post as a catch up.

Something worth mentioning at this juncture is that although we at Death or Glory are a 40k tournament team, we all have different loves for the hobby, for me personally the artistic and creative side takes precedence over just being a pure WAAC gamer. With this in mind you will find my articles based more around theme, painting and conversion rather than an in depth analysis of codex’s etc...

So how would this 5th ed Dark Mechanicus army now work in 6th? The first thing I had to consider (not being from its own codex) was do I stick with using the Necron codex? With the addition of allies there may be a better way of representing the Mechanicums dark brothers. So after about a week of thought, I decided that I would stick with Necron rules and start looking to a new theme for them to allow me to change away from what I considered to be a 5th ed list the Scarab Farm.

This process is underway but not complete as of yet. However things that will now be coming into the list will be flyers, and although 6th ed may start pushing us away from vehicles a small amount I see them playing a big part in the future of my army. There is even the possibility of some Jokearo’s making an appearance along with a mini knight titan (dread knight) as I consider including Grey Knight allies.

I thought for now I would post a gallery of some of my current models to wet the appetite for any budding dark apprentices out there. 

Monday, 23 July 2012

The art of Dark Eldar Part 2: a new edition - Mike Marlow

The art of Dark Eldar Part 2: a new edition

Last time I had a look into each of the Dark Eldar HQ choices and how the new rules have affected them. Today I’m looking at the Elites and Troops (including the archon’s court).

Elites and troops were probably the most important part of the dark Eldar army as this is where the Venom options came from. I always filled out elites with my arch nemesis; ‘Blasterborn’ but now this option may have become a lot more complex.

As for troops, Wychs,warriors and even hellions and wracks were all very common. Units such as Hellions that move to troops because of a choice I have left in there section. So without any further waffling….

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Blood Angels - The Transition

Hey all and welcome to my first series to be covered - the mighty Blood Angels.

My favourite army through 5th edition without a doubt - these guys saw me through for an invitation to the 2012 masters. (I think i finished 17th but someone dropped out!)

The army was based on 5 units. Yes, just 5 - Here's the army list;

Mephiston, Lord of Mind Games - 250

Monday, 9 July 2012

The Art of Dark Eldar: a new edition - Mike Marlow

The Art of Dark Eldar: a new edition
Dark Eldar. You either love 'em, or you hate them. For me I love the manoeuvrability, the weight of fire the fragility. I’m an accountant and as such I love stats and probability and this is how I play the game and as you can imagine as a result Dark Eldar are a perfect fit.
I had a lot of success with them, winning and placing in several tournaments to the point that I was invited to play at the masters in January 2012 because of that success, an honour that I politely declined.
 Despite this Dark Eldar suffered. Poor against tanks, the army really suffered against Imperial Guard and to a massive extent Grey Knights arguably the best army in 5th edition.
However now 6th Edition has approached, I’m now going to explore what this actually means for my beloved dark denizens. I’m going to split this into 3 Blogs, HQ and Special Characters, The rest of the Army and my General feelings to how the army is changing. This Blog will cover the HQ section.