Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dark Mechanicus in 6th

Ok so it has been a while since I have posted on Death or Glory. Since that initial post my army has come to life and even made a tournament appearance before the death of 5th ed. If you wish to follow the progress of the army towards the end of 5th you can do so on, however I will post most of the current models in this post as a catch up.

Something worth mentioning at this juncture is that although we at Death or Glory are a 40k tournament team, we all have different loves for the hobby, for me personally the artistic and creative side takes precedence over just being a pure WAAC gamer. With this in mind you will find my articles based more around theme, painting and conversion rather than an in depth analysis of codex’s etc...

So how would this 5th ed Dark Mechanicus army now work in 6th? The first thing I had to consider (not being from its own codex) was do I stick with using the Necron codex? With the addition of allies there may be a better way of representing the Mechanicums dark brothers. So after about a week of thought, I decided that I would stick with Necron rules and start looking to a new theme for them to allow me to change away from what I considered to be a 5th ed list the Scarab Farm.

This process is underway but not complete as of yet. However things that will now be coming into the list will be flyers, and although 6th ed may start pushing us away from vehicles a small amount I see them playing a big part in the future of my army. There is even the possibility of some Jokearo’s making an appearance along with a mini knight titan (dread knight) as I consider including Grey Knight allies.

I thought for now I would post a gallery of some of my current models to wet the appetite for any budding dark apprentices out there. 

Necron Lords with cryptex bodyguards.
(The top one a group of Nurgle influenced priests, with the second group to be more Tzeentch.)

(Trying to make them look more like industrial machines with a job to do rather than having any personality.)

(The first one is designed as a giant scarab, with the second a daemon corrupted machine that after years of servitude is more daemon than machine now.)

Annihilation barge
(Based on skaven doom wheel)

(Based off of the Forgeworld spore mines and influenced by the sentinels from the matrix)

Hope you enjoyed this short look into my Dark Mechanicum army, and I will be posting any future modelling and gaming projects including Army lists and my upcoming zombie warriors and flyers on Death or Glory.


  1. Dark mechanicus certainly allow you a wide ranging modelling opportunities. Love it. I run dark heresy rpg campains and this stuff is very similar to some of the FFG dark mechanicus art. The deamon+rusty mechanical is a theme that you have to stick with once you start, I reckon, and so far these are very cohesive. Awesome.

    Annihilation barge is my favourite. It reeks of Malygrisian Tech Heresy.

  2. Hi,

    I played your army at the Ashes tournament, absolutely lovely models, can't wait to see what you add to it.


    PS. I was playing Dark Eldar at Ashes (and I think I faced you in the 1st game of the day)