Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Death or Glory 40k Podcast Episode 2: Vehicles in 6th

Hey guys,

we are back with Episode 2 of our podcast, this episode is all about the changes to vehicles in 6th and we have tried to be as comprehensive as possible within the scope of a podcast
that isn't overly long!

00:00    -    02:00: Intro
02:00    -    21:00: Dealing damage to vehicles
21:00    -    26:30: Vehicles shooting
26:30    -    49:00: Vehicles in assault
49:00    - 01:01:00: Transporting units inside vehicles
01:01:00 - 01:08:40: Assault vehicles
01:08:40 - 01:19:03: Chariots
01:19:03 - 01:28:00: Walkers
01:28:00 - 01:41:40: The impact of 6th on Mike's Dark Eldar army
01:41:40 - 01:50:10: Random rule of fun (Impact)

In the end it became quite long but there really is such a lot that has changed for vehicles so there was plenty to consider and discuss. One part we did not discuss here in depth was flyers, this we covered in Episode 1 which can be found at the following link:

We have a direct download link now from which for me only takes 3 minutes to download the entire podcast, I would strongly recommend downloading as you can listen portably or even if listening on your pc you don't have to worry about buffering! Death or Glory Podcast Episode 2 DIRECT DOWNLOAD

For those who wish to stream (is that the right term?) the podcast, here is that option too!

As always we welcome your opinions on how to improve the podcast, we currently have an episode on psychic powers being edited and will record an episode concerning the new changes to Daemons once we have our hands on the updated rules in the next White Dwarf.

The song used in our podcast is called Titan by Epic Soul Factory and is used legally under the creative commons licence, should you wish to listen to their other songs you can do so here: Epic Soul Factory

Ta ra for now,

Rupert x


  1. Are you continuing with the podcasts? I found them extremely informative and also enjoyable to listen to.

    You had a very clear structure to them which really helped with keeping on topic. Did I see (hear) somewhere you were to talk about psychic powers in the next podcast? That would be excellent.

    I hope you don't think that people are not finding these podcasts useful/enjoyable - I certainly do.

    I suggest that if you are a listener as well - please comment as well to encourage them to produce more.

  2. We have recorded 3 more episodes,2 of which are ready for upload

    we are also sorting out getting on itunes too

    we have psychic powers next then an episode on comparison of certain codices pre and post rules changes!

    Expect the next episode up within next 2 day

    thanks for the kind words glad to hear people are actually listening and enjoying it,we really enjoy recording them!

  3. Thanks for the reply, really glad to hear that more are on the way.

    And an iTunes download would be really useful!

  4. I think your podcasts are great guys. If possible I'd like to see them more frequently - every 2 weeks would be great.

    Some discussion on common tactics used by each of the armies you guys play with would be very welcome. And counters to common situations eg, deathstars, flyers, gunlines etc.

    I play nids so I'll lap anything up to do with them!