Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Dark Mechanicus (My Brighton List)

Ok so I am off to my first tournament in about 8/9 months YAY!!! What I will do here is talk a little about the tournament, what’s in my list and a summary of why it’s in my list.
So this tournament is run by the Brighton Warlords in a decent venue an old pub.
Things to know before selecting lists.
1.)    Its 1650pts
2.)    Any Forgeworld allowed as long as it  doesn’t have structure points or is a gargantuan creature.
3.)    Forgeworld army lists allowed
4.)    MAX 3 FLYERS

So with all of this in mind this is the list I came up with. The only real problem with it is that there will be a lot more skyfire due to Forgeworld, my poor Heldrakes L

Sorcerer (60) –  Force axe (0), Warlord (0) 60
Cheap Warlord, brings a LD buff for 1 unit of cultists and a bit of utility through Psychic powers and if I get desperate he has a force axe.
Great Unclean One (190) 1x exalted gift (30) 1 x Greater gift (20) Level 2 (25) 265
Brings some resilience to the list, and is a combat threat depending on psychic powers and gifts he can become unplayable at T10, he also bring the Portaglyph for extra scoring potential.
10x Cultists (50) – 50
10x Cultists (50) – 50
Cheap troops really just for scoring late game.
(A)10x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (90) 90
More cheap troops but with some damage output and fearless.
Fast Attack
Heldrake(170) – Baleflamer (0) 170
Heldrake(170) – Baleflamer (0) 170
Heldrake(170) – Baleflamer (0) 170
The real damage output in the list. I don’t need to go into why these guys are so good do I?!!!!
Heavy Support
3x Oblitorators (210)- Mark of Nurgle(18) VOTLW (9) 237
2x Oblitorators(140)- Mark of Nurgle(12), VOTLW (6) 158
2x Oblitorators(140)- Mark of Nurgle(12), VOTLW (6) 158
The backbone of the list. I used these guys back in 3rd and 4th edition when they were T5, and now they can be again it would be rude not to come back to them.
Aegis Defence Line (50)- Comms relay(20) 70
Protects my squishy troops, and allows my Heldrakes to come on more reliably.
Total  1648
That’s it from me but I will post a few of the top lists in my opinion over the next few days.

Thanks for reading


  1. Solid list buddy..liking the great unclean one as a hard to kill warlord.

    1. Except its not the Warlord you long haired numpty, get to spec savers!

      Love the list btw.

  2. Thanks Guys, No you are right Bradimus he is not the warlord, but think I need a bit more of a threat other than just the oblits and heldrakes and he is a pain to kill.

    1. Its a quality list mate so much so it might get stolen lol. I've been playing Drakes and Oblits for some months now and swear by the combo. I agree with what you say about the extra threat, the Oblits need some sort of distraction to take some heat off them but overall they are star players.

      Have you tested the GuO yet? I've been looking at him but never got round to play testing it, I think despite him being slow he's a big threat that's hard to drop unlike a deamon prince.

  3. I'll be honest - I don't like it
    Firstly the GUO is not worth it, it is so easily avoided, either a Lord of change or Fateweaver would be more useful. Probably a LOC for his buffs and damage output
    The other HQ, the sorcerer seems very pointless. Huron would work very well in this army, you could infiltrate oblits and really unsettle an opponent.
    No need for 3 Heldrakes, 2 will work just fine, one with bale flamer and one with hades (which can be prescienced by LOC)
    Always go with 11 horrors - 9 points for the extra D6 is so worth it!
    Is an Aegis really needed? 70 points in a 1650 is a high % doing nothing.
    Why not add some Flesh hounds?

    If you drop the GUO, 1 Heldrake the sorcerer and the Aegis and have a LOC, an extra horror Huron and as many hounds as you can fit it would be a far far better list

    You've probably no time to change now, just my two pence worth

  4. I have used him in a few games but only once in this list. Thing is that if used super agresivly walking forward with the oblits most lists cant deal with all of that. Then they have the drakes to worrie about aswell. I will tell you how it does following the tournament.

  5. Thanks for the input Mike, rules for brighton are only 3 flyers so would have to drop a drake and I dont want to, to fit in a LOC. Good point on the horrors I failed there :).

    Comms link on aegis is important on a triple drake list in my opinion.

    I like the GUO but like I said I will review after tourny.

  6. As I said, it's only my opinion.

    Even if you stick with your list as is, consider a way to get Huron in, he would really add to your list. The guaranteed ability to infiltrate 1-3 units is gonna cause major problems - especially as those units are likely to be oblits

  7. Yea Huron is very good, the socerer is just in as the cheapest hq choice and telepathy gives a bit of utility.