Saturday, 21 May 2016

We're Back!

Hello, It's been a while. We've missed you, we truly have.

Some of you may be asking what prompted the return? And the answer is simple:

Personally, I've been tracking DzC since it's launch and seen it grow in to a fully fledged, supported, community based tabletop game.

Great news for the Death or Glory group! We've been looking for an alternative to the dead and buried Warhammer 40k (in our humble opinions) for a while now and have witnessed multiple new game systems launch and whither away into nothingness.

So to get in to gear, we made a plan. With the help of MegaMike over at Orbital Bombardment we created an escalation campaign for the 5 of us. DzC boasts 5 factions,a and luckily, we managed to agree on 1 each;

Luke - Resistance

Rich - United Colonies of Mankind

Rupert - Post Human Republic

Mike - Scourge

Steve - Shaltari

The models shown above are what you get in each of the factions Starter Army sets. Great value for money, fantastic detail on these models and super easy to put together. What I like most is that from what I read, nearly all of the units you get here are usable when the game scales up.

I've really enjoyed immersing myself in a new and quite frankly refreshing universe. I have to admit, there are similarities and idea's that you can see are perhaps borrowed from elsewhere but there is enough new material to overlook that and the main story-line is unique.

Stay tuned, whilst we collect, model, paint and game our way from nothing to our ultimate goal, which is to be attending 1500pt tournaments before the year is out.

Our first installment of gaming is coming soon, updates to follow!



  1. Nice little starter article. Looking forward to seeing some progress on the painting too.
    Remember, we running a 1000 point tournament on 9th July
    Also, the big one to aim for is Invasion in September.

  2. Nice! Good to see you back, miss you and the 40kuk guys! Will keep an eye out!