Sunday, 16 December 2012

Dark Eldar: Forge World

Dark Eldar: Forge World

Forge world. A massive controversy in the game currently. Should tournaments use it? Should they ban it? Should they restrict it? It’s an odd topic and we go into it on one of our next podcasts.
But if it was allowed, what would be an option for me? Are there any hidden gems in the bowls of forge world?

I’ll take a look at the options and decide whether these will enhance my army.

Forge world: the basics

So i'm currently assessing these units based on my current army. I’ll say what I’d be replacing and how it would work in the army. Units normally allowed are those with a forge world approved logo.
I’ll have a look at both Eldar and Dark Eldar as well!

Dark Eldar


This is the most heavily armoured Dark Eldar tank out there 12/12/10. It comes with pulse disintegrators which are basically 6 shot disintegrators. It has a 16 man capacity and Scythe Vanes. Scythe Vanes hit a unit they pass under with d6 str 7 hits or a tank with 1 auto str 7 hit with 2d6 armour pen.

For me this is an interesting vehicle, being able to transport 15 wychs + haemunculus. The scythe vanes are also a brilliant way of killing vehicles (basically a Necron lord on a barge) however the barge it’s self although its 12 and 12 on front is still too vulnerable to attack. And as such is just too expensive really to grace my army. At 215 points it’s a huge part of the army and you’d have to build an army around it. So this one is a no for me.


The reaper is a ravager with its dark lances ripped off and replaced by a storm vortex projector.
This gun can be fired as a large blast which is haywire. The haywire is normal except 5/6 is a pen. Its str 5 and AP 4. It can also be shot focussed beam at str 7 causing d3 haywire.

I’m on the fence with this. Its ability to doll out haywire at will is brilliant. However haywire does hull points and doesn’t kill vehicles outright. Although its 5/6 to pen, that’s only one chance at that whereas lances get 3 chances at this. It’s an extra 30 points as well to your normal Ravager. I’m not convinced it’s really worth the points.

Raven Strike Fighter

This is alright. It’s got a single twin linked dark lance and a spliterstorm cannon (1 10 shot splinter cannon) it can also reroll its scatter dice if it deep strikes within 12 of a flyer/skimmer.
Too many points and just not enough fire power and it has to start off the board. Don’t like this at all


Ill not look at the HQ, as Eldrad is key to my army. That leaves 4 Fast attack options and 2 Heavy Support options.

Hornet Squadron

Basically an av 11 vyper with 2 guns of which they can have pulse lasers. These units are just too expensive at 65 points before upgrades. They can move and fire like their dark eldar equivalents and they have scout, but I’d still avoid these. Too expensive.

Nightwing Interceptor

These are incredibly difficult to kill (2+cover save when they jink) However they don’t work with my army. They’re basically just the same as the other 2 dark eldar flyers and I don’t use them.

Wasp Walkers

Same as war walkers except there jump infantry and don’t have scout. Brilliant! And there fast attack. There 10 points more than your average war walker but they can effectively boost (12 inch jump move in the shooting phase) definitely a god Option.

Shadow Spectres

These guys are basically jump infantry with prism cannon guns. Too expensive at 35 points a model and you need too many of them to make the unit any good so let’s skip past these guys!


Eldars AA. At 180 points this is far too expensive for only 6 str 6 aa shots. Let’s avoid this then….

Warp Hunter

This is the Eldar Choice. For 125 points you get a d-cannon on a falcon that’s bs4. Its large blast barrage that wounds on 2 + and has the haywire effect on vehicles with 5-6 to penetrate. It can also fire as a torrent flamer. This is like the night spinner from last time with an ap2 weapon….. Actually brilliant! This is the vehicle of choice!


So after all that there are only two units id use. The jump infantry war walkers and the warp hunter. In the context of my army however the Warp Hunter wins hands down. It will like for like replace the night spinner and does what the night spinner did except much much better. Therefore this will take pride of place in my dark Eldar army if forge world is used.

Did any of the other forge world units tickle your fancy?

See you next time!


  1. Youve underestimated Hornets. For less than 90 points you get a unit that can put out 8 S6 shots at BS4 and is incredibly fast. They are very scary. Not with Pulse lasers though.

    And the DE tantalus you missed another problem. Its size. Its nearly as big as a Baneblade, and yet isnt a superheavy. Good luck finding it cover.

    And the Reaper, worse against low armour, against AV12-14 ts more likely to score a kill (a glancing kill) than a Ravager. Ravager shoots 3 times, hits twice, one hit does damage, which then has a chance of penning and then a 1/3 chance to explode, clmpared to a reaper which just has a 1/3 chance of scoring enough haywire hits on its D3 to wreck.

  2. well if i wanted a unit that piled out shots id just use war walkers, they get 8 str 6 shots for 20pts less.

    Good point with the tantalus.... Dark eldar really don't have many options on forgeworld!

    Lets get some math hammer in here ravager vs Reaper! Lets do av 12...

    i got on average 1 glancing hit and a 12/54 chance of a kill for a ravager

    The reaper comes in with a 24/18 glancing hits and a 10/54 for a kill

    So reaper is slightly better at this av but id still go with a ravager just 20 points gets alot in a dark eldar army. In a Eldar army however i think id take the Reaper anyday of the week.

  3. Good summary.

    The nightwing has a couple of advantages over the dark eldar flyers. First it's more maneuverable so it can stay on the board easier, it's from the fast attack slot (which is very important for dark eldar as it doesn't take the space of a ravager), and lastly it swap missiles for 2 shuriken cannons, which makes it much better against enemy flyers.

    The Wasp Walkers seem very good at 10 pts more to have 12" move. It also allows an insane army build of 9 war walkers and 9 wasp walkers as they are fast attack.

    Although the Warp Hunter looks very good, it's worth mentioning that the shorter range on it's gun will mean it gets more attention. However what not to love about a large blast d-cannon :)