Thursday, 6 December 2012

Rupert's Deffwing army.

Hello there ladies and gents, it is perhaps about time I actually wrote an article for the blog rather than just do the podcasty stuff so I thought I would show you my Ork Deffwing army which I used extensively during the last year of 5th edition!

I had mixed success with the army, initially I didn't do particularly well but once I got used to the playstyle I racked up some pretty decent results with a top 10 at Reading Starsmash, top 10 at X-Legion, top 5 at Brighton Warlords and a 3rd place finish at Aldershot 'ardboyz.

This army was made just after the Dark Angel book had been FAQed (sp) so that they got proper storm shields and proper cyclone missile launchers, I figured I'd take a ton of terminators and then add in predators so as to maintain the resilient theme and to deny the enemy any easy kill points.
So here are the models themeselves, the picture shown already are the 5 objective markers for the army.

Starting off with the big man himself, Orkimedes, accompanied by his Deathwing Command Unit including Mad Dok Grotsnik (Apothecary with Cyclone), I attempted to replicate the look of the normal model and so the head is similar, as is the power claw, I also added a little red cross on the shoulder to mark him out clearly as the apothecary. Also joining Orkimedes is Makari, Ghazgkull's old standard bearer, he is a grot and, as such, this meant I had to try and make him look small which I think worked quite well, he has a comedy helmet and a grabba stikk as a symbol of the strife of life as a grot! Orkimedes himself has a personal kustom force field (no game effect).

Next we have the other four Deathwing Squads, all have 5 Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields and 1 Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Next up we have the three Auto/Las Preds, with cheeky Ork Tank Kommandas!

I also photoshoped up an army list and an army history (which most likely murders the fluff but is meant to be nothing more than amusing) and put them in a display stand each. This kind of thing can really make your army stand out when it comes to judging, I however forgot to take them, which REALLY irritated me!

So, that was the full army! I was fortunate enough to win best painted army awards at three tournaments with these lads and they really did me proud throughout their tournament career! The army is currently shelved in anticipation for the new Dark Angel codex although when that is going to actually arrive is anyones guess!

Until next time people, be smooth!

Ru xx

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  1. Some seriously nice models, hope you can use them again when the DA come out - thinking you may have to change some weapons though - especially as 6th is a very shooty edition