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Dark Eldar: 1500pts

Dark Eldar: 1500pts

I mentioned last time about the lowering of the tournament points values to a lower value. (due to the time it takes to complete a game) Now if 1500 pts is the future what would be in my first draft list? I’m gunna have a go at reducing my list down and I’ll throw out some tips along the way.

List reduction: opening points

Below is a few points you need to consider when writing a 1500 pt list

Ally tax is higher – The costs for troops comprises of a larger proportion of your points

Specialist units – points are precious, specialized units may not be worth it.

Down Sizing – The opponent will have a little less of everything and thus your anti tank/infantry ability will not have to be as much as before.

Jack of all trades? – Multi purpose units are more powerful. Were talking psykers holding units with bite (grey hunters for example) and so on


So lets recap my 1850 list (the one I’m using at the Aldershot Ardboyz tournament)


1 unit of trueborn with splinter cannons
3 units of 5 warriors
2 units of wych’s (haywire grenades)

All the above in venoms

3 Ravagers

Beast pack (10 Kymera, 4 Flocks, 4 Beastmasters)


3 Jetbikes


Aegis+ Quad Gun

One way of reducing a list is to take your larger list and simply cut things out so I’ll have a go at that now.

Eldrad is great at 1850 points but at 1500 pts he takes up far too many points. So lets swap him out for a cheap defensive farseer. That’s a saving of 120 points. (230 left to save) – The Warp Hunter and Jetbikes are staying as they are for now

Lets also take out 1 venom and 5 warriors that’s another 110 points. (120 points left)

It’s at this point I get stuck what else do I drop? Another venom? The warp Hunter? I don’t really want to drop anything else at all?!

This is proof that working downwards doesn’t really work. So… lets work up then shall we?

Working up

First I need the idea of what I’m aiming for in terms of HQ’s and Tanks.

It’s my belief that a good dark eldar Army has 8 Vehicles at 1500 points. I also believe anti-psyker is still vital to compete in the new edition. I also believe small anti-flyer is still required. With that in Mind ill start with the following…

5 Venoms – 325 pts
2 Ravagers – 210 pts
1 Warp Hunter – 125 pts
Farseer – 90pts
3 Jetbikes – 66 Pts
Aegis+Quad Gun

That’s a total of 916 points. I need to fill those venoms give myself a little combat punch and choose a HQ.

Baron - 105 pts
Beast Master Unit (as before 1 less flock) – 213 pts
2 x Wych’s – 120 pts
3 x Warriros – 135pts

So that’s 1489 pts. Not a bad stab i feel. Dropping the 3rd ravager was a bit of a stab in the dark, but the warp hunter does the jack of all trades thing better.

Hope you enjoyed my downsizing!

tata for now

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  1. Hi

    I'm very new to dark elder and out of the 3 40k battles I've had I always seem to struggle and it seems that things are only going to get worse especially as the guys I play against are either space marines elder or soon to be upgraded tyranids and guard. My games are mostly 1500 points so any help or advice you could give me would be much appreciated.

    Feel free to email me