Friday, 19 April 2013

Dark Mechanicus in 6th - Resurrection

Hi Guys,

So over the last few months I have started looking at different projects including the Tau and Dark Angels. Unfortunately as much as I wanted to get behind them that just havened lived up to what I had hoped in terms of modelling and painting opportunity. So although I had a lot of fun painting them they just didn’t have that spark. Any who know me will understand I like to have an army that is different and unique it’s got to have a WTF! Element to it. This has led me back to my Dark Mechanicus as they continue to tick all my boxes.

New Chaos Books...
With the release of the 2 new chaos books I feel I can push away from using the "Broken" Necron rules and go to a Chaos Marine and Daemon alliance that now fits my theme much better. I will use some of my current models within this but I will be looking to expand the army further using some of the awesome new daemon models (I’m especially thinking about the plague bearers, plague drones and skull cannon) and maybe pushing in some rusty Iron Warriors.

Onto the painting side of things...

The last time I did anything for my Dark Mechanicus was doing a few Chaos Marine allies for the then Necron army. Continuing on from there I have pained up a Nurgle land raider for the terminators I did back then.

The land raider has a very small conversion using an Ork big shoota and a dreadnought arm to make a new more ramshackle heavy bolter for it.

It does however have my old chipping effect mixed in with my new airbrushed way of doing the glow effect and I am pleased with the results.


So to all readers of this blog I make a new commitment that I will now be releasing a weekly post of painting or gaming updates on my Dark Mechanicus and also ideas army lists or tactics for chaos armies in general. So rather than the erratic 3 blogs one week then none for 4 weeks approach, from now on I will be looking to post every Friday.

Happy Hobbying



  1. I'm happy to read whatever you guys write about.

    Tactics and list building articles would be of great interest as my regular opponent has started collecting a Chaos/deamon army. So any advice on what's works well and how to counter it would be greatly appreciated :)

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for the feedback and on Friday I have a look at the chaos hq options in my next post.