Friday, 24 May 2013

Dark Mechanicus (Painting Update)

Hi all ive got my ass back into gear and done some more painting this week. After last week’s post I had a focus to work on the big unit of Slaanesh CSM's I had talked about. I wanted to give them the Slaanesh look but also not ruin my overall army look or theme.

  When I get into a situation like this I always do a test model to make sure I can achieve what I want. For the scheme I went for the typical purples and pinks with the rusting effects. I was pretty pleased with this but it needed some yellow on it...


Forgetting about the yellow for a bit I went onto airbrush a gradient on the rest of the squad. Taking them from black on the legs up to the pinky purples at the top of the model. My airbrush really is the best purchase I have ever made for painting minitures...

I went back and picked out some yellow for shoulder pads and parts of the armour. The idea behind this is that the dark mechanic is fixing up their armour and as he does it he marks them as his.

the last thing I did this week is to start working on the weapon for my Slaanesh lord/ sorcerer. I have used a heat lance as its a nice slim line thing that I would expect a Slaanesh Chaos marine to have. It’s just been airbrushed up the same way as the CSM's but going all the way to white. Hopefuly we will see more of the Lord next week.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome as always...


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