Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The First Death or Glory Tournament!

We are pleased to announce the first ever Death or Glory tournament!

Based in Ashtead, just off the M25 in Surrey, The Death or Glory tournament is a 1850pts, 5 game event run by the Death or Glory Blog/podcast team.

It will be held on 7th\8th September

Please read the rulespack at the following upload site here

we can't wait to see you there!


  1. cool, will try and get this booked in..
    um... first thing I noticed..typo on front page for "tounament"

    1. Read rest of the pack - all looks class lads. Nice one.
      I'll post this up on Sons' blog and see if we can drum up some interest - I also run a gaming club which has a fair few dudes who are looking to crack into the tourney scene.. think this may be an excellent opportunity for it..
      Nice one lads

  2. I blame Rich he did the front page!

  3. Hi, could you add me to the event, nice and local.

    Alan Bainbridge