Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Death or Glory Episode 26

Welcome to Death or Glory episode 26!

The guys review and rate the following new codexes...


Clan Ruakaan

Sentinals of Terra

Adeptus Soritus


You can pick this up in the normal places:

ITunes at http://deathorglorypodcast.podbean.com/2013/11/26/death-or-glory-episode-26/ or streamed below (Still waiting for this to work)


  1. Please note that Condemnor Bolt guns are on an unsaved wound in the AS codex, please update (redownload) your codex.
    Also remember that even battle brother allies cannot go in each others transports. So that IC you want to join to a Henchman squad cannot go in the transport.

  2. Hi Stephen, Thanks for the feedback :)

    I guess its quite nice to be able to redownload codex's when they write such terrible rules!