Tuesday, 3 December 2013

List for Throne of Skulls Adjustments: Codex Inquisition

As Codex Super Friends or Codex Inquisition has popped up, I have taken the plunge and downloaded it to my android phone.
The annoying thing was having to then download an app to read it in epub and then get used to reading it in the format. To be fair I am getting used to how to read it and navigate around but it is not a patch on the Ipad versions although you pay more for it. I certainly would not download a full codex onto the phone, which to be fair has a comparatively small screen to a tablet device but is okay for a small rules light, (content light arguably), book. Call me old fashioned but I would prefer a real book.

Pre Heresy Death Guard: Ultra marines chapter tactics


5 tactical Marines with flamer

5 scouts Bolters

5 scouts Shotguns and combi flamer

Landspeeder Storm Transport Heavy flamer, cerebus launcher

3 centurions with grav cannon, hurricane bolters and omniscope

Landraider transport, twin linked heavy bolter and las cannons

3 centurions with grav cannon, hurricane bolters and omniscope

Landraider transport, twin linked heavy bolter and las cannons

Inquisitor Detachment

Hereticus Inquisitor, Level one pysker, 3 servo-skulls and a Infernus pistol

1499 points

So basically I swap out the stalker for the inquisitor. If  I had wanted a model to get another roll on divination I could have allied in a dark angel librarian but the servo skulls take out any scout and infiltrating threat rather than using  the scouts as a speed bump and sacrificing first blood whilst doing it. The stalker was useful, and I like the model, but I feel the overall advantages out weigh it in more general terms.

Now I did run a two servo skull level one plus 3 man acolyte unit with two bolt guns but I figured three skulls would be the way forward especially at 1850, (an article for another day). That left me with 11 points to spare so it was either power armour or a ranged weapon of some description. I have the witch hunter model with an infernus pistol so that is what I am going to go with for now as the extra survivability that power armour grants is probably pointless as the aim is to start on the board, probably in with the marine unit and then buddy up with some centurions. None of the other equipment is particularly useful as to how I intend to use him and although a combi plasma might be useful and have decent range in comparison the overheat could quite literally kill me.

The main decision to make with him is to which pysker do I roll with first. My thoughts and testing in the two games with him so far is to roll first and see if he can get a useful divination power as it could allow me to be more specific with Tigurius’ rolls. So even getting one I do not want and swapping out for Prescience is a fantastic additional buff for the none Tigurius centurion unit.

Now all I need to do is paint the bad boy, and maybe invent some fluff as to why an imperial agent is hanging out with some Pre Hersey Death Guard. One is very achievable in the time span, the other, hmmm…

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