Thursday, 20 June 2013

'In Practice' Part 2 Putting Timelines into practice

Good morrow all those of you that have happened upon our humble blog here at Death or Glory today. I'm currently sitting in the shade from the morning sun, I believe it is going to be quite a day, I hope it is likewise for you.

Today we shall talk about the topic of timelines, previously spoken about over on the Wonderful world of fluff blog series here on Death or Glory and how to put that into practice in a more detailed fluff, to do this we dive back into the world of the yor'corvus.


Monday, 17 June 2013

Sisters of Battle Allies - Imperial Guard

"Each heartfelt prayer, each bolt shell fired, each heretic burned, each righteous decision, each act of faith performed all precede that goal of eternal life at the Emperor's Side. Your actions in life echo through his eternal chambers."
- Sister Superior Jesmar, the last stand of Hive World Kintos.

Hi all,

Just wanted to check in and show you the list I am currently using for Forgeworld allowed tournaments. Here's the List as it stands for 1850 point tournaments and leagues which are currently most popular down here in the South of England.

Dark Eldar: Eldar Allies take 2 – Part 1 (HQ and Elites)

So for the first time since the start of the rollercoaster ride we call 6th edition we have something that allows for a realistic choice in allies. The Eldar dex got me very excited…. A new way to play? Maybe! Certainly a few options really makes me wanna do a mushkilla style reserve army with jet bikes and so on. New options really make this ally much better than before. Below I’ll take a look at the units in the codex and have a go at rating them in the context of an ally. I’ll use the xx/x/-/+/++ scale when rating each unit. Unfortunately with the sheer size of the book this will have to be in 2 instalments but I’ll try and get the second instalment out early for everyone!

Monday, 10 June 2013

Death or Glory Podcast Episode 15

Welcome to Episode 15 of the Death or Glory Podcast!

This time the guys make a army out of the new Eldar codex! will Rich be using 3 Wraithknights? surely it's inevitable!

If anyone would like to contribute to our blog page please message our facebook page and ask!

Catch the podcast at

download it from Itunes or stream it from here! Enjoy!

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Update: The stream on the podbean site and the embedded player appears to not be working. It is still available to download on Itunes however.

Update: Stream now Works!!!!


Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dark Mechanicus (Chaos Sorcerer)

Hi guys sorry I’m late with this one but I had a few finishing touches to do to this model before I posted pics of him.

I talked in an earlier post about chaos characters and which ones I thought were good and not so good for their points. The sorcerer is one of the ones who I would consider a good choice and I think has got even better with the runes of warding nerf in the new Eldar codex.

So how is this guy equipped?

Sorcerer (unmarked) force axe, level 2 and a spell familiar all for 100 pts this is cheap and effective. I will probably always be using telepathy as the powers in that tree work very well to shut down other armies this is a big help in a chaos list.

Friday, 7 June 2013

The Wonderful World of Fluff (Part 2) Timelines

Good Morrow, Today we look at timelines, the core of any story. Most of you will have been told from the age of about four that any good story has a beginning, middle and end. Today we learn how to put that into practice in the 40k universe.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

"In Practice" (Wwof)

Good Morrow, In response to some of the feedback I have had on my 'Wonderful World of Fluff' Introduction I have decided it is best to write for you two linked blog posts each week. One in the 'Wwof' series and another here which I will call 'In Practice'.

Today I introduce for you two of the characters whose lives you will become aquainted with over time.


Monday, 3 June 2013

Dark Eldar: Mathhammer part 2

Hi and welcome to path 2 of Mathhammer. Today I’m gunna build an army with mathhammer in mind. Dark elder are THE mathammer army, no other army can spam the way dark elder can. Why? Because splinter cannons will always put the same amount of wounds on any target it shoots and Lances will generally pen exactly the same amount for every target they shoot (av 10/11 aside here) and wound the same amount for the target it shoots (Wraithlords/Talos/New big elder thingy aside)