Sunday, 9 June 2013

Dark Mechanicus (Chaos Sorcerer)

Hi guys sorry I’m late with this one but I had a few finishing touches to do to this model before I posted pics of him.

I talked in an earlier post about chaos characters and which ones I thought were good and not so good for their points. The sorcerer is one of the ones who I would consider a good choice and I think has got even better with the runes of warding nerf in the new Eldar codex.

So how is this guy equipped?

Sorcerer (unmarked) force axe, level 2 and a spell familiar all for 100 pts this is cheap and effective. I will probably always be using telepathy as the powers in that tree work very well to shut down other armies this is a big help in a chaos list.

The Model

He is a conversion using the Vilitch the Cursling fantasy model and a few leftover bits of Heldrake. I wanted him to look like a daemon fused with a machine and for his familiar to be a toolbox on the same tripod style legs as I used for him. Hope you like him...

Close up of the airbrushed Force axe

Scrapbot the spell familiar

Sorcerer and spell familiar together
 Thats all for now, as always comments are welcome.



  1. Looks awesome mate, spell familiar is inspired!

  2. Ahhh. teh scrapbot is sooo cute! I dig your mechanicus. Did one myself some time back. Looking forward to see more of it.