Monday, 17 June 2013

Sisters of Battle Allies - Imperial Guard

"Each heartfelt prayer, each bolt shell fired, each heretic burned, each righteous decision, each act of faith performed all precede that goal of eternal life at the Emperor's Side. Your actions in life echo through his eternal chambers."
- Sister Superior Jesmar, the last stand of Hive World Kintos.

Hi all,

Just wanted to check in and show you the list I am currently using for Forgeworld allowed tournaments. Here's the List as it stands for 1850 point tournaments and leagues which are currently most popular down here in the South of England.

Sisters of Battle Main Force
Celestine 105
Jacobus 90
10 Sisters of Battle Multimelta, Meltagun, Meltabomb 150
Repressor Searchlight 76
10 Sisters of Battle Multimelta, Meltagun, Meltabomb 150
Repressor Searchlight 76
Exorcist Searchlight 136
Exorcist Searchlight 136
Exorcist Searchlight 136
Imperial Guard Allies
CCS 50
PCS Flamer 35
Infantry Plat Autocannon, Power Axe 70
Infantry Plat Autocannon, Power Axe 70
Infantry Plat Autocannon, Power Axe 70
3 Sabre Defence Platforms 120
3 Sabre Defence Platforms Lascannons 150
Vendetta 130
Aegis Defence Line Quadgun 100
Total= 1850
So first things first - Repressors got a big update in the recent batch of FAQ's aimed at getting Forgeworld in line with 6th edition. Price rise to 75. But comes with a heavy flamer, Stormbolter and most importantly AV13 at the front. I've found that AV13 is the sweetspot currently that the meta down here has trouble dealing with. Most armies are still geared towards anti infantry and struggle with high AV.

Here's the link.

If they're not anti infantry they're spamming flying creatures/flyers themselves. Sabre platforms replace the infantry platoons heavy weapon squads with a twin linked, intercepting, skyfiring T7 2 wound artillery piece.

They do have a downside - they can't move. But they do get a 6" scout before the game starts and I see them geared towards holding back line objectives.

Blob is a little smaller in this list then you'd normally come across but it does have Jacobus to grant stubborn 10, +1 attack for all models and 5+ FNP.

PCS sits in the Vendetta for late minute objective grabs and potential line breaker/back field objective denial.

How does it look to you guys? Let me know how you feel about the list.

All the best,



  1. Not an expert on sisters but the list seems melta heavy. Is there much in the way of anti infantry or anti power armour?

  2. Both come in the form of autocannon shots, blob first rank fire. Also the saint is a bitch because shell eat a unit of 10 troops for breakfast. Challenge the serg with power fist, kill him, kill some of the squad next turn. She may day against more combat units with AP2 but she just gets back up again in a turn or 2 to cause some more havoc!

  3. I can confirm this list is a beast, my 40k comeback game did not go well!