Tuesday, 4 June 2013

"In Practice" (Wwof)

Good Morrow, In response to some of the feedback I have had on my 'Wonderful World of Fluff' Introduction I have decided it is best to write for you two linked blog posts each week. One in the 'Wwof' series and another here which I will call 'In Practice'.

Today I introduce for you two of the characters whose lives you will become aquainted with over time.


So as you may recall from my last blog post, the army which these characters will be originating from is the highly controversial and popular Tau... But not in the convential means.
Although at first you could be fooled by the wargear and armoury of this army, you could not be more wrong.
These are the fearsome mercenaries of yor'corvus, the most powerful and expensive mercenaries in the galaxy. The ranks of this army is filled with hosts of different species and subspecies, and also after two millenia of genetic manipulation and interbreeding, cross species.
In fact it is this Cross-species, known as the yor'pervius, which makes the mercenaries so strong.
The begginings of the yor'pervius were not mistake, chance or some strange fate however, it was a purposeful and powerful manipulation of forces and elements beyond the knowledge or control of any mere humainoid.
The mind behind this scheme is the first of our characters we shall be following;

For'Tem Master of Genes on Commorragh, Exiled of Malan'Tai, Keeper of the Lost key.

For'Tem was one of two twins who lead the greatest force of all on the now dead craftworld Malan'tai, however in an strike from a daemon force on the black library For'tems brother For'Tek was taken, not simply killed but lost forever. Distraught and full of anger the farseer threw himself headfirst into the shelves of the black library itself, pouring through ancient tomes and dark scrolls for what to him seemed like years he learned things that even the most powerful sorcerers and farseers could not even imagine.
As he stepped out of the libraries grand gates, a meer few seconds later as far as the universe was concerned, he opened an unnatural gateway into the heart of the eye of terror; his mind navigating his way through the most unearthly and horrifying places the four gods of chaos had dared to create. Finally he came to the citadel of tzeentch himself, the blood and warpdust of a thousand daemons soaked into his cloaks, cloaks which now shifted with a million colours and shades as the warpdust shifted thier reality, a powerful giant herald of tzeentch stood before the door.
The awful creature cackled with a hundred different voices, when his lips moved pure psychic energy formed itself into understandable words in every tounge of every corner of the universe.
As it tormented For'Tem the creature beckoned forth the living corpse of For'Tek.
For'Tem blasted forth a powerful display of unbelivable energy, an act he has regreted to this day.
In the blink of an eye the warp shifted For'Teks body into the firing line, it was vaporised utterly and completely.
An audience of eighthundred heralds and winged nightmare sorcerers of tzeentch cackled, cried and screamed at the sight as they soaked in the psychic energy left.
"Thank you ever so much my little pawn" they all said in unison, "to now possess even a shred of power from your fabled library is most appreciated, you may go now"
With that he was whisked away, sent to a far away planet, the so called planet of lost squats.

It is here we meet our second character, an interesting little character, a mighty smith of the squat survivors.

Rmik Ngeranth, Smith to the Gods, Goldgrinder, Lord of the Iron Dragons.

Shortly before the destruction of the squat homeworlds by the tyranid he fleet behemoth, the Smithlord Rmik built an Iron Dragon, a construct of his own creation, one which we see bastardisations of today in the 41st millenia in the form of Valkyries and Vendettas. In this construct he flew through the nearby system and retrieved a few of his fellow squats, a race descended from humans who found themselves upon the surfaces of planets with high gravitational fields.
The Squats are well known to have been the most amazing metal workers the galaxy had ever seen, therefore after Rmik and his company became some of the last, thier works were sought after by the richest of leaders in the galaxy.

Over the years as thier numbers grew, not just in squats but many other species too, men, tau, squats, ratlings, ogryns and many other abumans.
With this growth his priorities shifted, he had a colony and it was his job to protect them. It was the. That Rmik decided to conquer his own planet, a planet rich in resources and only inhabited by simple folk content with farming mining.
This planet became known as the planet of lost squats; a colony in memory of not just the nearly extinct squat race, but of all the other races that had joined them too.
It was shortly after the colonisation and the reformation of Rmiks forces into a mercenary army that For'tem materialised upon this world, a few hundred years after everyone he ever knew and loved was dead due to the incident with the doom of Malan'tai.

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That is all for today and I hope these character introductions have interested you and sparked your imaginations.
Throughout the series more of this fluff and how to create a firm, believable fluff will be revealed and I shall take you through the steps that I use whenever I do.

I would appreciate any comments you have, whether that be  requests, problems, what you did or didn't like or even just to let me know how these series are going to help you and which character or army you are considering using as a base for your new Fluff!

Thanks to all of you who read my last post and even contacted me about it (those of you who know me) and gave me support, I hope I can create more content in the time to come.


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