Monday, 17 March 2014

Death or Glory 2: Pictures

I ponder life whilst colouring in excel
Hi everyone today is the first day for a long while I’ve had a moment or to to relax and reflect on what was a fantastic weekend of gaming, drinking and chat.

74 gamers battled out over 5 games and big congratulations to the winner.

Instead of a full debrief on here I’m going to leave that to the podcast… for now enjoy the pictures myself and daddy marlow took over the weekend of gaming…. Enjoy!

The hall in all it's glory!

The halll but... can anyone see the morph suits?

Me and Ru looking intently at the laptop.... but what are we looking at?

Me hard at work typing in some results

Darran and Rob decide that the crane definitely needs some string to make it look authentic

Ben is wary of the onrushing beastpack

Taylor and Andy pit Daemons against Tau

Dave rule attempts to bewitch Tom with his blurry arm technique

Steve and Rob duel

The Fallen Tau get to work

The stage

BJ has scared his opponent off with his hat

The Venue!

End of the round... finish or Chuck will get you!

The hall almost empty (musta been some food somewhere)

Feature Board

Feature Board

my arse in dramatic pose

Ian Courtney - 1st place in raffle

Sam Gio - 2nd place in the raffle

40k Global - 40k Global vs Death or Glory

They must have cheated somehow!

James Dade - Wooden Spoon (Barroman thong)

Ben Howden - Best Single Model

Neil Linpol (for that weekend only Powell) - Best Squad

Darran Gwynne - Best Vehicle/monstrous Creature

Rob McDougal - Most Sporting Opponant

Andy Brown - Best Painted Army

Josh Roberts Generalship Champion

Truly the champion! he's got the t-shirt now!

Rich Fielder Hobby Champion (and Brett sneaking in the background!)
Josh Staring intently at the feature table while ben attempts to kill the beast council

Simon's fallen Tau Face Steve's Sisblob

Mike and Sam both looking a bit confused

Jody and Tom battling it out

Sam Gio leaving his Aegis hidey hole

Me making a end of tourny speach... awe inspiring!

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