Monday, 3 March 2014

Death or Glory Episode 31: Death or Glory 2 Preparation Podcast!

Hello one and all!

Wellcome to death or glory episode 31, the Tournament Preparation podcast for DoG 2!

The guys run through the tournament and the first round match-ups


The full list of match-ups will be available in a few days on the facebook page
The full list of Armies will soon be available on the Blogsite

The podcast is available on iTunes at our podbean site or on the link below... (currently not working for some reason)


  1. That's for the breakdown of the match ups guys.

    Just a little ray of light at the end of the tunnel for Luke and anyone else playing against a skyshield...

    The gt FAQ said any unit can go onto the top level of the skyshield.

    18. The skyshield toplevel is treated as the top level of a ruin (for height) where any unit including Vehices and Monstruous creatures can go up and down as they please respecting the 3 inch additional distance and the relevant terrain checks required to make the climb. FMC in gliding mode, Skimmers, jump units, Jet pack units and Jetbikes ignore as usual the 3 inch addition to climb up but have to take tests to land on the top if the skyshield is shielded. Flyers bases can be placed on it respecting the flyers base and movement restirctions

  2. Luke has bikes, not jetbikes :)

  3. The GT FAQ seems to suggest both bikes and vehicles can go up them.

  4. Yeah, it says "any" unit can go up.

    Jet bikes just ignore the 3" distance.

  5. So can Bikes drive up it then as that is the FAQ in use?

  6. Yes. Any unit can go up onto the skyshield including vehicles.

    To be fair, it's still awesome for 75pts.