Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Daemons in 6th Part 2 - Troops and Fast Attack

Right, first off apologies for the delay in getting round to the next blog entry, but those devious Chaos Gods had other plans for me this month...

So time to talk about the mainstay of any daemonic legion, its foot soldiers.

First up, Bloodletters. For anyone who faced The Khornemower in 5th edition, you know that if a large unit of Bloodletters got to charge anything, it was going to have a bad day. In 6th edition their hellblades have gone down to AP3, which against most opponents doesn't make a lot of difference. However, they now bounce off 2+ saves and must rely on weight of wounds to do the job. But being 16 points each, naked, and having to wait a turn before getting to charge, thats not likely to happen unless you have bigger, scarier targets for the enemy to deal with. Still a solid unit and one that will see use.

Hooray for Boobies! I mean, Daemonettes of Slaanesh. The changes in 6th have brought them back into contention with the other troops choices in the book. Not because they got better, but because everyone else got that little bit worse. The cheapest choice at 14 points each but by no means cheap. They still have a bucket load of attacks and rend and a very high initiative. Assault grenades are nice too. However as always their Achilles heel is that they are S3 T3 and naked. Its never a good situation if you are relying on 6's to do some damage, and that's what you will be doing as these girls are not exactly sturdy and wont hang around long if someone decides to hit them back...

Plaguebearers. The mainstay of the troops section in years past and its still hard to look past them. T5 with feel no pain means they will be sticking around. Poisoned attacks and S4 means they will be re-rolling to wound on most opponents. But the lovable poo monsters took quite a big hit in the 6th edition rules. As they are slow and purposeful they can no longer run. This doesn't sound like a lot, but their whole reason for existence is to get to objectives and take them. You have other far scarier minions to go and kill things, all these boys do is be there. The lack of run means they take a lot longer to get places, and with a bad scatter you can be in trouble, also you are stuck stood in template formation when you come down - so you had best hope that there are better targets to shoot at when they get there.

The final main troops choice is the always controversial Horror of Tzeench. Really, at 17 points a model the only reason to take them is for The Changeling. But its still pricey and unlikely to have much of an impact on the game. They do have a mediocre shooting attack, but its short range and they are only BS3. To be honest these are now the weakest of the 4 main choices.

Ahhh Nurglings. With shiney new models in plastic and the rules changes, these little guys still suck. Ah, um, ok. Swarms don't get the bonuses they used to, just the disadvantages, they cant go to ground because of fearless and as a swarm, cant claim or contest an objective. Yes they are cheap, but so is the supermarket own brand extra value toilet paper, neither do much for you and just leave you sore.

On to Fast Attack! Everyone make airplane noises!

Flesh Hounds. These guys did very well out of 6th edition. Beasts got a serious buffing (insert lewd innuendo here) with having a 12" move, ignoring terrain when they charge and still having the benefit of fleet to re-roll any or all dice from the assault move. They have a solid statline of mainly 4's with a base 2A. They have furious charge and blessing of the blood god, which means you have a 2+ invulnerable save against any psychic power or force weapon, which means these guys are your weapon of choice against grey knights. You also have a character upgrade in Karanak, but he is pretty pricey for what he is, at 50 points id rather have 3 more flesh hounds...

Seekers of Slaanesh. 4A, I6 rending with assault grenades. Not bad. Again benefit from being beasts. But the same as daemonettes, T3 and naked means they wont be around long especially as these guys are right up there on the threat-o-meter. Also at 17 points they are pricier than the flesh hounds, making it a touch choice to include over them.

Screamers. The big winners of the recent Daemon update. They gained an extra wound, went up to S5 and A3 and became jetbikes with the same bloodvanes rules as the Dark Eldar. Not only that, their attacks are AP2 and have armourbane. With that amount of attacks with a high strength they are going to be eating whatever they hit. They are reasonably durable with 2 wounds, plus when they run on the turn they arrive, they can fly over something and do a load of S4 wounds, and get an improved save. All for 25 points each. Bargain. With stats like these id expect them to be everywhere and I wouldn't be surprised to see these garishly coloured, whooping monstrosities become 14 time world champions.*

Furies. The same points as a Flesh Hound. Jump infantry. Worse stats, no special rules. Get out of my book you wastes of space. In fact, we should just have the Screamers eat their entry. **

Coming soon to a blog near you... Heavy Support and final thoughts.


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