Thursday, 2 August 2012

Dark Mechanicus in 6th (Part 2)

So I thought I would give people an update on my Dark Mechanicus. My army list is still under work at the moment as im always finding new tricks to throw in or new ideas to try. There are a few things I think are a must in any Necron army now and that starts with Necron warriors with the majority of tanks dying to 3 glancing hits and rapid fire weapons getting the ability to move and fire 24”  the gauss rifles just got very good in 6th. For anyone who doesn’t know, gauss weapons glance any vehicle on a natural roll of a 6 that means 3 6’s and dead vehicle in 6th. The other thing that may not be a must have but would be up there is the use of flyers. Now Necron are unique in the fact that they have flyer as dedicated transport for troops so you can get allot of them and with the night scythes putting out the 4 x s7 tesla shots they are a solid transport. I predict seeing allot of Necron lists very flyer heavy but I will start with 1 or 2 to see how they feel in my army and if I can get them to fit my theme. 

That’s enough the list part and onto the creative part. A bit of background, the Dark Mechanicus have no official structure or chain of command and can often be just a single Heratek working on his own. This got me thinking if I was working for the dark gods I would need bodies to help build my evil constructs. So reading through some of the background for them I found that there were a few dark priests who experimented on humans and turned them into what I can only describe as zombies. I thought this fitted my theme perfectly so set to work constructing zombies with bionic eye lasers etc... I feel these guys have come out really well and it will spur me on to do many more of these guys maybe with more and more augmentations. 

Dark Mechanicum Zombies to do their masters bidding.

The Second thing I have to show from my last week of painting is the work in progress of my first flyer minimally converted from a chaos Hellblade fighter from Forge world. I wanted a daemon pilot and to have a portal that the zombie warriors would seemingly just fall out of as this kind of fits with the rules as a unit cannot climb back into a Night scythe.

WIP shots of my first Night Scythe using the Hellblade

A Mechanicum Zombie walking free of the underslung portal

Once again hope you enjoyed seeing my ideas and thoughts on bringing the Dark Mechanicus to life.

Thanks for reading

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