Friday, 9 November 2012

Podcast Episode 5 - UK 40K GT Heat 2 - Brighton

Hello ladies and gents, this podcast we bring you a roundup of the recent UK 40K GT Heat 2 which was run by the marvelous Brighton Warlords at Ye Olde King and Queen Brighton!

We are proud to say that we survived a weekend of gaming, banter and Mr Happy Happy Joy Joy himself at the pub!

Quite a few of us went to the tournament and we had a whale of a time, there were also a whole host of familiar faces from the tournament scene in the UK and for most of us this was our first steps into competitive play in 6th edition (when we have practice games it isn't competitive until Rich starts saying "cheat to win, cheat to win").

We go over our lists and how we felt we faired throughout the 6 games as well giving our views on our observations concernign 6th and tournament play.

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We hope you enjoy and please spread the word!

03:00 - Luke's Necrons (GK allies)

19:30 - Mikos' Dark Eldars (Eldrad allies)

37:30 - My Space Wolves (Guard allies)

45:30 - Rich's Necrons (no allies)

1:09:00 - Tournament observations concerning 6th

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Until next time peoples, Ru :) xx

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  1. Hey guys were aware damage results do get applied if hull points go down to 0 first, we were corrected at mayhem so we know that error already!