Sunday, 18 November 2012

Dark Mechanicus (Unit Review and Army Shot)

I’ve now had time to reflect on the last 2 tournaments, the way I played what worked and what didn’t so well and also to think about my own play style. So what I will do is run through the army I took to the tournaments and rate the unit and also my application of those units.

Ratings as followed

(++) Awesome a must include in the future/ Milked it for all its worth
(+) Decent must be considered for future projects / I used it well
(=) OK
(-) Crap unit / I used it like a chump
(--) What was I f%*&ing thinking including this.


Destroyer Lord.
The destroyer lords are on the march they are becoming more common now and I can see why. They offer a massive threat in combat and the ability to pass preferred enemy to their unit is great. I utilised this by adding him to a unit of 20 Necron warriors which worked well but I should have kept him in a unit of wraiths as he gets more bang for his buck there. Looking at the way I used him I got a lot out of preferred enemy and the res orb, but got almost nothing out of his combat potential in the wraiths I would of saved 30pts on him as no res orb and he would of fought combat which is what he does best.
Unit rating (++)
Application in list (=)

Necron Overlord.
Gives access to crypteks which is his main function now, is good in combat, resilient but is slow. I used him as 130 points of 3 wounds 2+ save in the unit of 20 Necron warriors probably not his best use. He is much more threatening from a command barge where he can use some of that combat prowess.
Unit (+)
Application (-)

The 2 harbinger of the storm are good, but with less tanks around are not a must include as far as I see it. That being said I do think this will fluctuate as the Meta moves so they will need to be considered every time there is a shift.  I felt I used them to the fullest making my units of 5 immortals more resilient and more threatening. Biggest problem with these guys is that you are paying a tax to take them if you run an Overlord on foot I feel.
Unit (+)
Application (++)

Immortals in Night Scythes.

These were pretty awesome, the night scythes were just king in the sky in almost all my games and I just want more of them. The immortals were good but the difference between them and warriors wile aboard the scythes is non excitant and when on the table it’s negligible. Think I would like to save myself the 20 points per unit and get spamming in the future.

Unit (++)
Application (++)

Unit of 20 warriors.

A unit of 20 warriors on paper is not great but they bring allot to the party, with gauss killing tanks reliably now. I would say I used this unit to its fullest with the rerolling 1s to hit and wound and the 2+ saves in the unit to soak and a res orb it was a monster on the battlefield. Problems with it lack of fearless and it’s a point sink and a half to make it really good that unit costing around 600pts with characters.

Unit (+)
Application (+)


I don’t know where to start with how crap these guys were for me they never made combat with a tank in 6 games and got dropped for the second tournament, as they were just a waste of points in my list. Their glory days are gone and I think I just hadn’t realised it, may still work if you build a list around them and spyders but not for me anymore.

Unit (-)
Application (--)


Who knew that all the internet’s hype was true they really are that good, they soak up shooting amazingly and allow the rest of your army to be effective. I should have put a destroyer lord in one of my units to really max it out. Think I made a few mistakes with them, but they are just awesome.

Unit (++)
Application (+)

Annihilation barge.

The most under pointed thing in the codex and with my background of mostly playing shooty army’s probably my favourite unit, so much damage output, can kill flyers and with armour 13 until you pen it very resilient.  I’m not sure how you can play these things badly they kinda just play themselves. Should have taken 3 of these guys.

Unit (++)
Application (++)


What was I thinking, gives you a few tricks and several average to poor guns for 200 points. Armour 14 is the only real thing going for this. I used it to the best I could but it was still a poor use of points even in a list that could play to its strengths. Put it this way a barge is better for half the points.

Unit (--)
Application (-)


Ok in summary,the good things in the army were the night scythes, annihilation barges, wraiths and the destroyer lord. I liked the big unit of troops in the army but need to look at a more cost effective way of achieving this. Overall the army performed ok but with my relitive newness to 6th and some strange unit choices I didn't use the codex to its full potential. However the good thing about trying out some of the different units and Ideas is now I can use that knowledge going forward to improve the army.

Thanks as always and I promise to be back to more painting next time.


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