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Tournament Gamers Painting Masterclass 8: Andrew Taylor – Traitor Guard

Tournament Gamers Painting Masterclass 8: Andrew Taylor – Traitor Guard

The final painter who placed in heat three is Andrew Taylor. Now I really dislike guard. Mainly because im dark eldar (check my nemesis article!). But also because they allways seem… well…. Boring to look at? Andrew Taylor however has turned his guard into some beautiful (and a little disturbing) piece of art and has turned them to Chaos. Infact Andrew won the painting competition with these guys. So without further ado this is Andy and this is his story.

1. Tell me about yourself and how you got into warhammer

I got into table-top wargming over twenty years ago, via a friend in school. I have always enjoyed making and painting model kits (I did a lot of Airfix planes as a child) and with the interesting setting and background, I was drawn in.

2. Why Traitor Guard?

 I am not sure I have a particular reason for why did this army. I suppose I liked the look of all the Forge World Traitor Guard model, and it kind of developed from there. Its one of many armies I have, I am always looking to make and paint something new.

3. What Drives you to continue painting?

 Thats a hard one to define, but I am always tring to improve, try a new style or technique, or otherwise just pefect the look of things. I quite enjoy paiting and modelling generally, and if I don't have a project on the go (even if it is only just ticking over) I feel a bit at a loose end.

4. Do you find that taking armies to tournaments restricts what you can do with your army paintingwise?

Not really, I always just paint and model what I want to use and seems interesting. This usually means I avoid multiple copies of units - so my army is usually more characterful than effective, but I don't really care about winning at tournaments. I would rather use an army I enjoyed building/painting and just have fun.

5. What was your toughest challenge in this army?

 I am not sure what the toughest challenge was, but painting those bases got annoying, as all the rubble and gravel kept falling off as I tried to paint it! I also got a bit fed up painting the infantry squads, as that is a lot of men to get through. The vehicles were not too bad, as at least I didn’t have any two the same, but I am sick of black-lining panels and rivets... but the text and other freehand was fun to do though, as was the weathering.

6. What painting project is next for you?

Currently I am just looking to add some new units to the various armies I already own, but I am slowly working on some Scythes of the Emperor (you can see some of these guys in the rulebook). The models are done one at a time for character, so I doubt I will ever get an army of them properly finished, but it’s nice change of pace to just put a lot of time and effort into just one model, rather than units or an army

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