Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tau in 6th (Part 2 Painting Update)

So as I promised I will post pics of the start of my Tau army. I used an airbrush to paint them quickly and will do a tutorial of how I did this in the coming weeks. This is a different way of painting to my normal way which is to paint a model at a time. The idea behind this is to get the army on the table to start playing and then to detail up all the models in the future.

So this is a few pics of about 1000pts of Tau that I painted over a weekend.

2 days worth of Airbrushing later....

Drone Broardsides and Pathfinders.

Battlesuits and Fire warriors.
3 pics of test models, with all detailing done. The drone and the fire warrior have had a chipping effect done using a sponge on their armour to make them look more battle damaged. I feel that as the Tau Earth Caste (engineers) are always looking at innovation they would have little time to maintain their existing equipment. The Kroot has been finished off from an airbrush stage with washes and simple but sharp highlights on the skin, cloth and wood.

Test battle damage for use on tanks. 
Finished Fire Warrior with chipped armour.
Finished Kroot after final highlights.

Hope you like, all comments welcome.



  1. Look amazing Rich.. Great colours and the glow just pops nicely.. Good choice of colours. I do just love how fast and effective an airbrush is.. My Tau are heading for an airbrush update after the Nds are done.. May have to steal the glow...
    Though I am not sure what I am looking at with the drone battle suit with a land speeder engine? Crazy rich cuts loose again..

  2. Looks like a HQ with its suit bodyguard flanking it!

  3. Steve is right it is my hq with 2 other suits. Thanks for the comments Ven, im guessing ur looking at tau for etc? Im pretty happy with the scheme but im liking the tanks and infantry more than the suits atm, so watch this space.