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In Practice: Unpredictability, the How to Guide on making theunpredictable your friend!

Good Morrow Readers and welcome to another edition of In Practice.
Firstly I apologise for my recent break from the blog, unfortunately things here in Germany got a tad interesting (in many ways) and therefore I was left with little time to spare.
But now on my way back from a weeks holiday I am ready to post a couple of articles for you!
Today we will dive into quite a different topic than usual here in the In Practice series because today we will actually be talking about Gaming.
Shock Horror I know, but although I love writing about fluff and love the reponse to that which I have recieved, the up and coming 'In Practice' Post concerning how to name your characters is taking a while to write.
In the mean time, sit back, and expect the unexpected.

Every day unpredictabilty

So quite aside from the fact that this Blog post in and of itself is an unpredictable circumstance, the instances we cannot foresee in games are, from my point of view, the most important aspect of the game from a tactical position.
Too much, particularily now seeing as the Codex: Eldar has been released, people are talking about relying on the things that are improbable. Whether that be Warlord Traits, Psychic powers or the Chaos Boon table, almost everyone seems to be on the same wavelength; "if I do not get the correct result when rolling, my games will not have my desired outcome"
My initial question is,... Has the warhammer world gone utterly bonkers?
So let's explore that.
Let us take the Eldar codex as an example, in specific the question of Fortune.
Now, let's be honest, since the dawn of sixth edition we were all aware of the circumstances under which we were going to be playing our games with, that being that Psychic powers were now not settles before games in such way that we had to roll for them and the adition of warlord traits, so why is it now that the Eldar Codex has caused so much stress for people?
The fault lies somewhat within the last edition and it's predesesors, that people have become too reliant on certain powers or factors within thier games, factors which no longer exist or have become more unlikely to become an aspect in our games.
Is this a bad thing? Not at all, however what we are finding at the moment are those who are seeming to be fixated on trying to pay a visit to the past, who are finding it hard to cope woth the change.
My answer is to forget it, make the powers that you most 'need' or rather want your last priority, instead practice with the powers you are less knowledgable about and learn how to use them to your advantage!
I am sure that your gaming buddies will have little problem with you asking to use the powers you dislike most in games rather than rolling, of course, who would have a problem with that.
However it is in this practice that the tactic of planned unpredictabilty comes in.
Imagine this, you turn up to a tornament, your oppenent sees you are taking eldar and therefore expects you to want fortune, imagine getting fortune with no warlocks, not even your farseer!
Then play it up, "crap, I really needed that!"
... But you don't ...
Instead of being stuck in your ways and unlearned in the ways of the other powers, you know exactly how to use them, your entire game plan changes and not only has your oppenent no idea how to play against these new powers either, nor does the next person you play have any clue on what your tactics will be next game, even if they see you play.

Take warlord traits into account with this too, learn to use every aspect to your advantage, if your character permits you to take certain warlord traits by default then great, but lets be honest that is not all that common yet, and even if it is then there is no guarentee that the trait will be helpful!
So go ahead and practice with the 'useless' ones that you have disregarded as 'dead draws' because likelyhood is that if they are in your list of dead draws then they will also be in your opponents, come back with an awesome gameplay based around that rule they thought you would never use and they will certainly be thrown off.
You could even throw a little acting in there; be really happy when getting the traits you dont like, remember, 40k is as much a psychological game as a game of luck!

So here ends my first gaming blog post, let me know what you did and didn't like, what I have written is simply my perspective on things but is by no means perfect, don't fret however if you did not enjoy this, I will be back to my fluffy ways very very soon!


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