Thursday, 22 August 2013

Dark Mechanicus (Lord of Change and DOG List)

So after a few more games with the Great Unclean One I have finally given up on him. 

He is too slow and doesn’t allow me to reach out against the heavy fire power lists, so in comes the Lord of Change.
The Lord of Change has speed, resilience, damage output and through psychic powers helps out the rest of my army. The biggest problem I was finding was how to make him in my Dark Mechanicus style. But fresh from the painting table here he is with a few work in progress shots as well. Hope you like.

The basic conversion using bits of a Griffon and Heldrake

Airbrushed basecoating, so quick and easy...

The finished Lord of Change in all his Glory.

So onto my army List for the Death or Glory Tournament



Daemon Prince (145) – wings (40), Armour (20), Nurgle (15), Burning Brand (30) 250
(A)Lord of Change (230) – 1x Lesser gift (10), 1x Exalted gift (30) LV3 (25) 295

10x Cultsist (50) – 50
10x Cultsist (50) – 50
(A)10x Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (90) - 90

Fast Attack
Heldrake(170) – Baleflamer (0) 170
Heldrake(170) – Baleflamer (0) 170
Heldrake(170) – Baleflamer (0) 170

Heavy Support
3x Oblitorators (210)- Mark of Nurgle(18) 228
2x Oblitorators(140)- Mark of Nurgle(12) 152
2x Oblitorators(140)- Mark of Nurgle(12) 152

Aegis Defence Line (50)- Comms relay(20) 70

Total  1847

So what do people think, is the list an improvement? Do you like the greater Daemon?

Comments welcome as always

Thanks for reading 



  1. Lovely Lord of the Change, really like the feather work looks stunning.
    Onto the list, it may be difficult to achieve, but 11 horrors with an irridescent horror (extra 14pts) is worth it.
    One of the drakes should be a hades, as you dont have much anti-air. If the LOC takes a beating and dies you have pretty much no AA, just some lucky shots from oblits
    You can Prescience the drake for greater accuracy. If you get to have a couple of practice games give it a go.
    Also why the lesser gift on the LOC, a greater gift will be far more useful

    You could drop 1 oblit, get the extra horror and iridescent horror, upgrade to a greater gift and have 10 more cultists

    Looking forward to seeing the army on the tabletop

    1. I have to ask, why do you want to have that extra Horror, and why irridescent?

  2. the extra horror lets you plough an extra warp charge into Flickering Fire of Tzeentch, giving 3D6 shots instead of 2D6.
    The iridescent horror allows you to 'snipe' models in units as he is a character. You can nominate the shots to come from the iridescent horror and any 6's to hit can be allocated against any model in the target unit.

    1. Ah I see, I knew about the 3D6 but I wasn't sure why you wanted the irridescent horror, didn't think about the snipe.
      Just to make sure though, if 1 model dies, you won't have 2 warp charges available anymore right? That's how I understand it.

    2. That is correct, but definitely worth spending the points on. Not many will shoot the horrors as there are so many more devastating things to get rid of

  3. Not bad Rich..... Looks bloody awesome!

    I believe the lesser gift is there just to get the weapon that makes him S8. The list looks good and may struggle a little to kill flyers but shouldn't be too bad.

    Isn't Burning Brand a bit overkill? You are not exactly running low on AP3 flamers....