Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Dark Eldar: Inquisition

So I’m gunna again avoid talking about Daemons, Some terrible delayage I know! I am though about to talk about distrustfull allies. But with the new Inquisitoral codex in tow I thought I’d quickly talk about these guys!

The inquisition… The amount I have been the opposite end of coteaz seize just isn’t funny…. Especially as those seizes and normally from another DoG member… They know I hate him!

Seizes are definatly pretty bad especially for Deldar, Question is… is there anything in the book for us?

Inquisitor Warlord?

Oh yes… instead of taking an Archon/Baron/Haemonculus as your warlord this guy can be target no.1.

For me this is brilliant especially if you have a Archaon, suddenly he isn’t as much of a target. Sting a archon who isn’t the warlord as some sort of single character in a venom might actually become a a very tastey option as you don’t need to buy in another dark eldar character.

Unfortunatly a number of the traits are pretty pants not because they aren’t good but more because they won’t effect the dark eldar army. There isn’t enough really to benefit

Servo Skulls

I’m not that bothered about this skill. Yes it’s usefull but realistically I’m not gunna be that bothered playing a bike army as grav guns shouldn’t really scare anyone.

This could however be used with things like drop pods to help deepstriking for marines or other  imperial allies so might be usefull if your using these. Perhaps not 305 points usefull tho.


As above the worst thing for me is if some seizes the intuitive. Bringing in this guy negates it completely which is massive. However I never used Grey knights before because it takes up the valuable allies slot that could be taken up by Eldar/Space Marines.

However this is no-longer the case and as such I’d be inclined to take him. I’m not 100% that his steal the initiative power actually works as a distrustfull ally (can someone confirm this?) If not then…. WAYHAY!


I’m not going to be bowled over by this but theres definatly a few options available for us. Can you think of anything else? If so comment below!

See you next time!


  1. Vect with 4+ seize and Coteaz with reroll

  2. Could do that anyway as you can ally in Greyknights, Problem is because he's distrustful can you even combine the 2?

  3. You would previously have to buy at least one Troop unit too though.. Now you can just spend 100 points on what is probably the best special character, point for point, in the game.

    Also, being desperate allies makes no difference to the roll to seize.