Wednesday, 11 December 2013

New Project (Eldar Wraithknight)

I have been very busy with life and work stuff lately so sorry for the lack of posts. I am now back and with a new project. I have been keen on doing an Eldar army since the new book came out, so that's what I have decided for my new army.

The Wraithknight

So this model is just too cool not to be in my army. It looks great, is toughness 8 with 6 wounds and has the option to take 2 of the best weapons in the game ( until last week when D weapons entered 40k). 

Anyway onto some WIP pics...

I wanted to pose the Wraithknight jumping backwards to make it look more agile than the standard standing pose. This was such a pain to get it to balance and took a lot of pinning but I'm pleased with the outcome.

For the paint job I started with an airbrush, layering up from blue to almost white. On the other parts of the armour plating from black through grey to white.


I went for a purple colour for the gems to contrast.

For the helmet I wanted to paint a space with a sort of purplish nebular design.

Well that's it for now, let me know what you think and I will be back soon with an update on the Wraithknight and hopefully some more Eldar stuff.



  1. looks ace, sometimes I hate you!!
    One question though, what's up with his left hand? It looks weird

  2. That is a great looking model! Congratulations on the paintjob. I love how you did the shield arm.

  3. Thanks guys, hopefully I will finish him over the next few weeks. @ Mike he has " jazz hands" .