Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Caledonian 2014 - Something a little different!

List is submitted and the draw has been done. Interesting looking at the lists that have been submitted, and as you can imagine there is a huge amount of Tau, Eldar and Daemons. The list below was sent out giving a breakdown of the lists (Bare in mind this is a 100+ person tournament);

91 Khymerae
89 Grav Weapons
57 Screamers
49 Riptides inc O'Vesa
46 Broadsides
38 Wave Serpents
30 Skyrays
21 Wraithknights
15 Heldrakes
14 Farsights
13 Coteaz
10 Stormravens
7 Fateweavers
5 Eldrads
5 Dooms

Although I had great success with my Eldar (winning GT Heat 2 etc) I wanted to try something that isn't being done by everyone so trying a new list out. Now I am following the trend to a degree and taking a Death Star, however I like to think it is slightly unique and horrendously unfluffy.

List is as follows;

Clan Raukaan
Chapter Master - Fist, Gorgon's Chain, Artificer Armour and Bike
Libarian - Level 2, Bike and The Mindforge Stave
Command Squad - Bikes, Apothecary, 4 Grav Guns

2 x 5 scouts

White Scar Allies
Chapter Master - Shield Eternal, Fist, Artificer Armour and Bike

5 scouts

Inquisitor Allies
Xenos Inquisitor - Rad Grenades

Elites/ Troops
Henchman - Priest, 2 crusaders and 3 assassins
Henchman - Priest, 2 crusaders and 3 assassins

Land Raider - Multi Melta, Dozor Blades
Land Raider - Multi Melta


So everyone goes with the command squad and make a very hard to kill Death Star who kick out around 14 S8 and 4 S6 attacks on the charge! 8 of which are force weapons! Coteaz and Inq sometimes stick with henchman who have the priest that gives the unit either re roll saves or to wound rolls in combat.

I haven't really used this army a huge amount so going into this slightly blind but its a Death Star so I don't exactly need to be a tactical genius! It is low on troops and its lots of eggs in one basket but hoping that they will munch through armies!

So how will the army work? hmm.....

In theory, bikes hide behind the Raiders first turn then boost into the center and gain board control and just go after the biggest and scariest targets. Towards the end they can split apart to contest objectives. Henchmen stay in raiders until late game where they go after strong troops and try and take an objective. Scouts outflank and try and stay out of the way and take objectives.

Let me know your thoughts and I will try and get an update on here next week after the tournament.


  1. Simple in its brutality! Love it. Saw it and thought... Hmm.. How do I kill it? Cracking work Luke..
    Gotta watch those troops though!

  2. Ha indeed. Cross my fingers for the +1 FNP warlord trait so that the chapter master has 3+ FNP!

    Yea troops will stay off the board as long as possible!

  3. That just for his first wound right? After that the Gorgon gets a bit worse doesn't it?

  4. It does indeed, however IWND allows him to go back up to full wounds and gain those advantages. Once he takes 2 wounds his mate from the White Scars starts taking the wounds.

  5. Looks like it worked very well! Congrats on the result.

  6. Cheers, was a bit of a surprise!

    Was interesting using the list, most devastating thing in the army are the orbital bombardments funnily enough.