Sunday, 12 January 2014

Eldar Autarch/ Corsair Prince

Hi all, this is my first post this year so Happy New Year. Anyway I'm continuing with my Eldar army, with the plan that it will get its first run out at DOG2 an appear at the gt final the week after. I've started work on a few models now but thought I would post this guy up as he's basically done.

It's quite a simple conversion with a cut down scourge head, wraithknight hand and a wraith blade body. I've decided to go back to my favoured manga style paint job for this army but with some of the things I learnt from doing my dark mechanicus used such as lighting effect. I wanted him to have a heavyer style of armour than my basic troop. 

Anyway onto the pics...

I'm pretty pleased with how this guy has come out, comments welcome as always.

Now time to read up on the Nids to see if I have to change my initial list idea.

See you round,



  1. Wow that is stunning! Your army is going to look absolutely amazing on the tabletop.

  2. Thanks mate yea am very happy with how it's all coming out atm. Need to get a move on though as dog2 less than 2 months away.