Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Death or Glory 2 - Newsletter 1

To Everyone,

Death or Glory 2 is only a couple of months away and that means Newsletter time!

Click the Link below for the newsletter

Were looking to buy a few 6x4 and trying to obtain a van to move boards around. If anyone knows a good Local (Surrey) van hire or a friend who will hire themselves out (easy...) then contact us!

Please confirm you have read and understood the newsletter asap.

I currently haven't sent this message to the following for some reason:

Can you please get these people to forward me an email adress if possible (I'm aware some people don't have an email adress):
Samuel Giordano
George Dixon
Malik Amin Rubio
Alex Rule
Rob Tillman
Chris Paul
Adam Doddington
Dave Robinson
Byron Sidhu
Scott Simpson
James Hoy
Joey O'Connor
Tony Chew
Phil Elliot
Matt Muscatt
Max Barton
Josh Roberts
Kiran Reddy

See you in a few months!

The Death or Glory Tournament Team

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