Sunday, 6 January 2013

A New Year, A New Project (Fallenwing)

So let me start by saying Happy New Year and apologising for my absence over the last month. Christmas is always a busy time of year for me but although I haven’t done any painting it gave me plenty of time to brainstorm.

So the idea...

I played Dark Angels as my 1st army way back in 2nd edition something like 20 years ago and with the new codex on the horizon I wanted to redo them with a twist. The background for the Dark Angels has always interested me, and with that in mind I set about thinking how I could do something different to the standard Deathwing or Ravenwing lists. I feel it is time to do a fallen Angels army. I will go into the background in a bit more detail in a later post but for now that is my initial idea. A fallen army as cool as it would be is still not totally original so I carried on thinking. I have always liked a resilient army and nothing is more resilient than a 2+ save (especially in 6th Ed) so Deathwing is an obvious choice. Having not seen the codex I am making an assumption that Belial will still allow me a full Deathwing army and this combined with the new Deathwing Knights to give me more unit choices will be good fun.

So it is that I will do a Fallenwing army...

Well until the codex comes out I won’t be able to start putting a list together but I have bought myself 25 terminators, and built and sprayed them over the weekend in preparation for list writing.  I have however started my test model and thought I would share a work in progress shot of a Fallenwing Terminator, almost done except for basing, any and all comments welcome.

Thats all for now, but I will be back soon reviewing the codex and with new ideas of how to continue my project.



  1. Looking very nice.

    A small c&c would be that if you are going to do some rust weathering then I would personally also do some distressing/chipping on some of the armour. Else, for me at least, the armour looks almost too smooth and clean to be rusty.

  2. Thanks for the comment mate, will see how a bit of chipping looks, ive never painted chips on black before.

  3. Like it dude.. Nice and easy to replicate across the army. Greater choice of termie type will be important in bringing in variation.. U keep boredom at bay whilst painting black! I think a lot of guys will be digging out their Deathwing.. I know I have lol.
    Wonder what the codex will bring.. Ad if Deathwing will be a viable option this time around..
    Big block of termies is a good way to start though!

  4. Thanks Ven, yea this one took me about a hour to do so hopefuly i can do them quickly. Am airbrushing a gradient on the black that dosn't come out well in the photo but that speeds things up and adds depth for little effort.

    I pure deathwing are a viable option with this codex. The Deathwing Terminators are getting split fire which will help not waste shots, and make them more efficent and 2+ saves seem better than ever. I still cant see them being top tier but we shall see.

  5. Like that a lot, very striking on the table, I'd suggest doing something a bit bright on the base just to give it a bit of colour, but other than that I like the idea of the army so much I might give into my general apathy regarding dark angels and do a list myself!

  6. Yea, the plan is for snow and ice bases to contrast with the black.

  7. and that you like snow and ice bases