Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fallenwing Painting update (Belial and more termies)

The New army is starting to take shape. I have a few pics of the bits ive done so far. So to start I have a few more normal terminators done. One a squad leader with power sword and storm bolter, and one with chainfist.

I have also got a Deathwing Master Belial converted and painted. 

I wanted him to look a bit no nonsence as he is supposed to be a hard man so no cloaks for him. I did him with a pair of Raven Claws (lighting claws). I think that he would most likly have his badge of office as a weapon rather than robes etc. pretty pleased with how he came out. Unfortunatly the glow on the snow has come out a bit green on the pic.

Hope you like, comments welcome as always.



  1. Love Belial's claws man.. Great work! They look big pimpin! Scheme is looking nailed Rich, you pleased with it?
    Snow is a nice way to contrast too.. Cool.
    You at Caledonian this weekend?

  2. Unfortunatly not at caledonian this weekend, but will be interested to see how it pans out think this is the first tornie in 6th where you are starting to see real shifts to 6th ed lists. The meta is forming.

    Yea am pleased with the scheme should be pretty quick to do the 20 terminators i need for my list.

  3. Agree, think well see some true sixth ed lists here today..