Monday, 21 January 2013

Fallenwing Painting update (Picture heavy)

So as it snowed over the weekend, I decided to get my arse into gear and do some painting, here is what I got done.

Belial and his weapon caddy... 

Squad 1

Squad 2

WIP Deathwing Banner Bearer
WIP plasma cannon termie from command squad
WIP Deathwing Medic
Hope you all like

Comments welcome as always, Happy painting...



  1. Nice - really nice. Simple paint schemes are always more striking, and the black paint job is complimented by the white snow on the bases

    1. Thanks man, and yea limited colours usually works well.

  2. You did all that in one weekend? Geez. I'd probably have got one done in that time.

    1. Yea man im getting quicker. I saw your alpha legion they are looking cool mate.

  3. Those are some nice looking terminators! Always nice to see another DW player. I am trying to determine how I want to run a DW themed army in the new book. I am pleased they got the vengeful strike and split-fire, as it makes shooting themed terminators more viable (always liked them better that way; not much of a fan of all THSS). Do you have any plans for using DW knights? Also, any thought as to what else you want to include in the army? Can't wait to see more!

  4. Looking at the codex i was thinking of doing a lion and wolf list something like
    1x 10 termies with 2x heavy flamer
    2x 5 termies with ass cannon

    Rune priest
    2x 10 grey hunters in pod
    1x 7 combi plasma wolfguard in pod.

    Its alot of stuf to deal with 1st turn u could also do it with tatical marines and vets if u want to kep

  5. * keep it all dark angels themed. The deathwing knights are awsome modles but not sure they bring much more to a deathwing army you dont already have, they also dont score.

  6. Hey Rich,

    Ray "Old Spice" Duggins form Kingsguard here. We played at Octoberfest game 1 day 2.

    awesome painting as always.

    Fancy dusting off your Necrons and giving me a game at Tolworth sometime. I can usually do Tuesday or Friday. Can't do GW as I'm running a "Dirty Protest" against them.
    My email is rayfredjohn at yahoo dot co dot UK.

    Hope to here from you soon.