Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dark Eldar: Eldar Allies take 2 – Part 3 (Troops and first list)

Lets finish of the Eldar Allies review quickly with a look at troops and there incredibly awesome troop transport! I’ll then tell you what army I made with these new allies . The next blog weill tell you exactually how I did and what changes I will make to the list!


Traditionally a weak catogary for Eldar, this however has changed with the new edition, mainly due to increased bs and reduced points cost. Lets have a look shall we?

Guardians (Storm/Defenders) x/-: Id only go for defenders here. The guardian itself is now pretty nifty. At 9 points a pop, your average guardian kicks out plenty of shuriken damage at close range. But for me I think that’s the problem with them, they need to be close. There storm guardian cousins have less firepower and the ability to have meltas doesn’t offset this. Brilliant defensively and offensive (20 rending str 4 shots at 12 inchs is pretty good!) But really in the perspective of a dark eldar player I probably wouldn’t go for these guys. There expensive for a unit that has to be up close to be effective. To fit with dark eldar, maybe there are better fits?

Rangers +: Cheap and a pain in the ass to shift, these make an excellent troop unit. I’ve thought of using these guys to house a haemonculus with a hexrifle if I wanted a haemonculus as my commander. A solid choice for a holding unit.

Jetbikes ++: Again cheap and the ability to travel 48 inchs a turn makes them fantastic last turn contest/take unit. Whats better is they have suprising damage output that will take small deckchair  units apart in shuriken fire. A fantastic choice

Dire Avengers x: There guys are the cheapest way to get a wav serpent and that’s about that for them. There ld 9 so more likely to stick around, but 65 points is a lot for a unit that won’t do anything


Although guardians are good the choice for Dark Eldar is simple. Rangers or Jetbikes. They blend very well with our army and allow access to the army as allies…. Perfect!


Wave Serpent +: These are fantastic. There serpeant shield either prevents death or dishes it out. Its hard to kill something a dark eldar army lacks and dishes out a lot of str6/7 pain. It can sit on 36 range with the rest of our army and do this. So why hasn’t it got a double +? The issue is it requires dire avenegers or guardians to take which is a relatively high tax. As a result it takes up quite a lot of points. Would I take one? Yes possibly as a take to hide behind.

The army list

Having listed so many new units what army did I decide on using these new guys? Well lets see below!


Baron Sathonyx: 105


3 Trueborn, 2 Splinter Cannon, Venom Extra Splinter Cannon: 121

3 Wracks, Venom Extra Splinter Cannon, Grisley Trophies 100


5 Dark Eldar Warriors, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon 110

5 Dark Eldar Warriors, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon 110

5 Dark Eldar Warriors, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon 110

5 Wych's, Haywire Grenades, Venom, Extra Splinter Cannon 125

Fast Attack

Beastmaster, 4 Beastmasters, 10 Kymera, 4 Razorwing Flocks: 228

Heavy Support

Ravager 105

Ravager 105

Ravager 105

Allies: Eldar

Farseer: 100

Jetbikes: 51

Crimson Hunter: 160

Night Spinner: 115

Fortification, Aegis: 100

So I plumped for a nightspinner to be anti-Aegis, a anti flyer crimson hunter, contesting Jetbikes and a farseer. How did I get on? Check out my blog on Monday… Till then! Tata!

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