Sunday, 14 July 2013

Dark Mechanicus Forgefiend

Let’s start with a Sorry...  I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. Time constraints from work followed by going on holiday, I have been hugely busy. This left me little time to think about let alone do any hobby.
So with a few tournaments upcoming it was time to get on with some painting and list building. I have decided to try out a Forgefiend in my list to see how effective they are. I’m thinking with rerolls to hit from an allied in herald of Tzeentch they could be quite devastating and if I have 6 obliterators and 3 Heldrakes running around may not even be a big priority.

Looking at how to arm it is interesting...

2x s8 ap2 Blasts 175pts
3x s8 ap2 Blasts 200pts
8x s8 ap4 shots 175pt
8x s8 ap4 shots, 1x s8 ap2 Blasts 200pts
Ap 2 is a weakness of my Heldrake list so I am tempted by running the trip s8 plasma cannon option just to deal with those pesky terminators, broadsides etc. Is it worth 200 pts I guess I will see (The internet’s will tell me not).
 Ok so onto some pics of him...

I stuck to my standard colour scheme but wanted to try a new glowing crack technique. I was really pleased with how this came out and think the glow from inside the cracks combined with the glowing weapons really make this model pop.
He is not quite finished needing a good base to be done but i thought i would share him.
Hope you like, comments welcome as always


  1. Thank you for showing me. I will test this on a model soon.

  2. Great job dude, he looks amazing ! Really nice contrasts between the blue and the metals, very nice work

  3. Great job Rich, although I have a question, does it fit with your army? It's not often that you build and paint straight from the box - did you not want to create your own?

  4. Thanks guys. Mike you may be right its not often i build from the box i think it just about goes with my army. I was concidering converting one but i am just a big fan of the forgefiend kit.

  5. Hi mate, I was wondering what colours did you use for the turquoise to stand out so brightly, looks really saturated (in a nice way).
    Really great job by the way.