Thursday, 18 July 2013

Dark Mechanicus The Welder (Herald of Tzeentch)

Ok so I’m back on track, it’s a Friday and I am posting something...
So I keep changing my mind as to what I want in my tournament army big surprise. I can’t ever decide and with a few of the upcoming tournaments being 1650 it makes it even harder. The rules for the upcoming Brighton Warlords tournament don’t help me either with a restriction on flyers (max 3). Anyways this has led me to change my army a bit and throw in some daemon allies to try and make my shooting stuff Forgefiend/ obliterators more effective. I want to do this by adding a Herald of Tzeentch. Access to Divination is very good when combined with certain units in the chaos codex and I aim to exploit this. So how am I to arm him?
Herald of Tzeentch L1   45
Herald of Tzeentch L1, Exalted gift   75
Herald of Tzeentch L3   95
Herald of Tzeentch L3, Exalted gift   125

I think the most likely option will be for a Herald with the portal glyph to give me a few more scoring units and whatever level I can afford.
So onto the model...

I wanted this guy to look as if he was a welder who helps build the machines of destruction.  With that in mind I have converted him from the flamer on the back of the chariot of Tzeentch. I have done a few simple arm swaps and sculpted some welding goggles out of green stuff. I have also cut away at the flamers back to add some mechanical parts left over from the Forgefiend kit.
I’ve kept with the same colour scheme as usual but this is obviously much more skin than metal so has much more of the yellow on him.  I have then concentrated on getting the flames to look good in that blue colour I have used throughout the army.
Comments welcome as always...


  1. DAmn- doesn't look like he is doing precision welding! ;) Nice model overall but the colors somehow dont work I fear. The yellow lets it down quite a bit. Can you do something about it without falling out of your armycolorscheme?

  2. Very original concept, kudos.

    Personally, while I do think that yellow can be a very problematic colour, I don't agree that the particular colour on this model doesn't work. Actually, I am quite fond of the colour combinations here.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. I was pleased with how this guy turned out. I think colour can be very subjective. Ima big fan of yellow and i felt the combination worked but it is interesting to hear feedback.