Monday, 25 March 2013

Dark Eldar: List Reduction

Dark Eldar: List Reduction

So currently I’ve talked about my armies as if they are going to be 1850 pts. From the sounds of the noise coming from the GT final this weekend, a tournament I couldn’t get to due to food poisioning after the Stag do of Mr Luke Nurser, that tournaments are likely to decrease in points leave down to something more like 1500-1600 points. So the question is how does a dark eldar army need to change?

Going lower

There are several things that happen when you go lower.

a) Hordes become more powerful – It’s hard to beat a horde the lower points values as theres still around the same amount, 350 pts may reduce a horde a bit but its normally the expensive bits that get cut.

b) Powerfull hard to kill units become more powerful. Were talking mephiston, high wound charecters. Just not as much around to shoot them/ Tie them down

c) Specialisation: specialised units are less common. This is because as theres less points around to play with units need to perform multiple roles!

d) allies less useful: Allies tax is higher at a lower level and such aversion from this may occur!
So with this in mind how does this effect our beloved dark eldar?

The effect on Dark Eldar

Lets take all of my points above and I’ll make some statements in relation to the dark denizens.

a) I would never call dark eldar a horde but how can we deal with them? Same as we do now I imagine, Manouverability, perhaps a beast unit charge. Taking off a few models a turn in venom fire.

b) fortunately this is what we do best. Poison to kill big monsters, lances to kill heavily armoured guys, this point wont make us tremble. Although I’d put the beastmaster unit here. Difficult to wipe out difficult to pin down at 1500 does the opponent have enough resources to take these guys on?

c) Specialisation isn’t something I’d be too worried about either. A lot of the tanks and units have dual purpose anyway. One thing I’d say is reavers get better and better the lower the points cost. With blasters/ Heat Lances and their sweep attack they’re a threat to everything. Certainly usefull when you need a few more units to dual specc!

d) allies less usefull. Removing Eldrad and the warp hunter removes a massive weapon from our arsenal. However this is a assive points save. I still wouldn’t go onto a 6th ed board without psyker protection, so a cheap set of Eldar would still grace my army.

Of course the first reaction to taking outr that many points would be…. HOW THE HELL CAN I COMPETE NOW!!!. The question arises however…. How can everyone else?

Each list will take a massive hit from this. Armies with inbuilt skyfire will be the least worried here.

The again is skyfire necessary? Less points less flyers presumably? Maybe. Id still want to take some anti flyer in a list. But realistically for an army that struggles for anti-flyer, this cant be a bad thing.

Next time ill have a look at creating a list for myself

Till then! Big Hugs!

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