Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Tournament Painting Masterclass 11: Phil Maclean - Imperial Fists

Tournament Painting Masterclass 11: Phil Maclean - Imperial Fists

The second of the 3 fist armies gracing the tournament, Phil Maclean certainly likes Terminators and scouts. So who better than the imperial fists? I was unable to get hold of him on the day but using the amazing tool known as facebook and contacting several other Phil Maclean's first and getting a lot of weird responses, here's what the one and only replied to my questions

1. Tell me about yourself and how you got into warhammer

I am 32, work in server support looking after windows, exchange, citrix and VMware systems for the day job, but i started with 40k back in the 2nd Ed, worked for Workshop for about 6 years key time

2. Why Imperial fists?

there was two reasons for the army, firstly i did a Nid army before this one and got really sick of not having any invulnerable save (other than cover) and so i thought scout and terminator army, secondly i wanted to set myself a challenge with the paint job and having never done a yellow army i thought Imperial Fists would fit the bill.

3. What Drives you to continue painting?

I enjoy painting and its a good way to tune out all the other crap in life by just focusing on some painting, i normally do it for my lunch break and first hour i get home to relax and calm down after work

4. Do you find that taking armies to tournaments restricts what you can do with your army paintingwise?

No i don't generally mind the tournament restrictions as i generally paint a core of what looks cool in the army and then work them into the list and add a couple of units in afterwards to try and make it competitive

5. What was your toughest challenge in this army

All the yellow, well painting around all the yellow as its a real pain trying to cover up a black line with yellow paint, it normally involves a couple of layers of white followed by another couple of yellow to get it to match up again

6. What painting project is next for you?

I am starting a Tau army, not too sure what i am going for since they should be getting a rewrite sometime in the middle of the year, so for now i will just get some fire warriors and a hammerhead and work on the colour scheme from there (I am thinking along the lines of Green, Grey and Brass

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