Sunday, 10 March 2013

Death or Glory Podcast Episode 11

Welcome to Episode 11 of the podcast.

This time the guess create an army from the codex and rate each others. Who will win?!

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  1. Very informative cast, entertaining as always.

    I think you guys were taking the wrong approach to horrors. The way I see them is a unit of 10 is a unit who's damage output will not deteriorate until you kill the last horror. 10 horros has the same damage output as 1 horror. This also makes horrors an interesting choice for the "free units" that the codex can generate through warp storm and the portal glyph as d6 horrors are going to have the same damage output as 10 horrors no mater what you roll. It's an interesting dynamic which means your enemy has to kill every single horror to shut them down. A single horror in a ruin going to ground for a 2+ cover save that he can re-roll and still putting out 2d6 S5 hits at BS1 can still be a real pain, and will take a reasonable amount of shooting to take out, not to mention making that last victory point for killing them a nightmare to get! Even if he is hitting on 6s one hit causes soul blaze and flames of change could cause D3 wounds that ignore cover and armour meaning even a single horrors snap-fire could be dangerous.

    The chance of giving FNP is annoying, but some careful planning should mitigate this, the locus making the hits S6 will negate FNP in T3 models, making it a non issue.

    The other thing is tzeentch heralds have pretty impressive firepower for a single model and you need to put them somewhere, horrors make convenient units for this. The tzeentch herald is also a pretty good sniper 3d6 S6 AP4 hits that re-roll to hit on 4s (assuming level 3 and 1 warp charge used for prescience) has a good chance of rolling 6s and sniping models.

    Another thing to look at is which roll on the warp storm table messes with you the most. Tzeentch's S4 large blast that ignores cover could cause some serious problems to a nurgle unit ignoring their main defence: cover saves. On the other hand D6 S4 poison hits on a horror unit from "Rot glorious rot" won't reduce the fire power of a unit of horros.

    The greater reward table is great on khorne heralds as they already come with a AP3 power weapon, no 2+ save enemy character in the opposing army? Roll on the table. Fighting lots of 2+ saves you always have your trusty AP2 "primaris" choice to fall back on. In short randomness can gives you considerable flexibility if you plan it right.

    It will be interesting to see how lists maximise the return on randomness, and minimise it's damage.

    1. Just to add I like units of 11 as you get an extra warp charge for 9pts, that's a 50% increase in fire power and forces your opponent to shoot you, in order to drop you down to 1 warp charge. Your forcing your opponent to shoot a unit that they would have to wipe out completely in order to shut down, but if they ignore will be putting out 50% more shots. Storm bolters on rhinos might actually have a use! Wait who takes rhinos nowadays?

      On a side note of psyker defence that hasn't been rebalanced for 6th (Runes of warding comes to mind). Ld10 on 3d6 has a 50% chance of going off rather than a 91.6%, if you get perils... you might lose a single horror... hardly the end of the world. Not to mention I doubt it will be as powerful in the next iteration of the eldar codex.

      Another interesting concept with horrors is that you only need to exposed one model in order to fire at full potential the rest can be kept out of sight and in 6th you can only kill what you can see, how's that for annoying?

  2. Mush, whoever you are. I love you.

    1. Hehe, also has anyone thought of mark of nurgle obliterators joined by a nurgle herald to give them shrouding, defensive grenades and FNP? They are "daemons of nurgle" after all and can therefore be joined by heralds. At least that's my understanding (might get FAQed). Might have potential.

  3. Cant do that mush nurgle heralds can only join daemon units

  4. I think the consensus here is to use the horror unit as a herald caddy. I think even Taylor changed hois mind when we informed him about the rerolls to 1!