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Sisters of Battle - The First Game (Wraithwing) Part 2

'This is the story of a woman who did insane things because she put in practice what many Saints have preached.'
- Quoted from the Ministorum Libra Martyr on Battle Sister Tanne, Savior of Deacus XIII (featured left) [not really]

Welcome back one and all - Firstly an apology to all those who have been following my run of blogs on these nuns with guns. Unfortunately I have been particularly busy with work and life and haven't been able to get to my computer much of late.

But here I am - we continue where I left off previously in the midst of my report against Mike and his Necron filth. You can follow THIS link to read the first part of the report.

So the table looked like this...

On the right we have 2 Exorcists behind ruins lined up against a unit of 5 wraiths around mid table. My left flank an Exorcist behind ruins. Between my left flank and around mid table my Defence line was spread out - Coteaz and his Henchman occupying the left with the Quad Gun and my 3 Sister squads spread across the front of the section towards the middle of the table all around 20 inches on to the board. My large blob unit and a squad of 10 was pretty much at full strength, the last 10 woman unit had been shot down to 1 Battle Sister! 1 Rhino was still running.

The Saint and my Dreadknight were bravely fighting the remaining 3 Wraiths and their Destroyer Lord directly smack bang in the middle of the table.

So it was my Mikes Assault phase and it was really crunch time. The Saint directed a challenge at the Lord which had no option but to accept. Unfortunately Saint's Power Sword didn't even scratch the Lords armour. Suffice to say he then lay the smack down on her. It's worth mentioning that in all the games I have played Mike with a Sisters Army the Saint has never failed to get back up in her next turn...hehe ;)

The Knight fought off 1 more Wraith who did nothing in return. We fought on for another round - 2 Wraiths and the Lord vs. Dreadknight on 2 wounds.

The Wraith unit on the right failed their 2nd turn 11/12" charge into an Exorcist.

I was a little anxious when it came to my turn 2 for a couple of reasons. Firstly I knew Mike had a good chance of having 3 Night Scythes around in his next turn - there was pretty much nothing I could do to counter these now as my Exorcists and Quad Gun would be concentrating on ground targets.

Potential first weakness found - Lack of anti-air.

Secondly, I was pretty sure the Lord and his Wraiths would be out of combat for Mikes 3rd turn which was a real disaster. They could split and potentially wreck any 2 targets they wanted on the board, whether troop or Exorcist.

My 2nd involved not a lot really. The Saint didn't get up - I know I am as surprised as you! I tried to shuffle my 10 woman unit over in the midfield to take some pop shots at the Wraiths targeting my right hand side Exorcists, I killed the closest. The lone Sister got in the last Rhino and fled backwards. My exorcists aimed at the night scythe immobilising it. Quad gun shot too but did nothing to the Night Scythe. Coteaz's unit prescienced up and shot at the closest Barge to the left but did nothing. My main Blob shot at the opposing Immortals and downed 3. 1 got back up!

Combat time! Knight passed his Mindshackle! (shocked) killed a Wraith and was taken down to 1 wound by the lord - Lucky escape for me!

So here we go for Mikes 3rd. All Night Scythes turned up. The Wraiths on the right moved forward for a definite charge on the central Exorcist. The Immortals edged forward so they were in range of my blog sister squad but still in cover next to their objective. All 3 Barges edged forward too.

Tesla occurred...

The Night Scythes took pop shots at an Exorcist stunning it and the last Rhino destroying it. The Farthest right Scythe dropped 5 warriors off on a pretty safe area.The combined might of the Barges and the Immortals took down a couple of Sisters from my Blob, the last remaining sister of the 10 man unit and my other 10 woman unit down to 5. The unit of 5 proceeded to run. Not looking good on the troops front!

Combat saw my Dreadknight fail his Mindshackle and kill himself! Woops! He did his job and saved the rest of my army from the Wraiths and Lords eating them alive. The Wraiths to the right ate my Exorcist alive.

My priority was now to kill the 2 Wraiths and Lord smack bang in the centre before they got stuck in to my Blob.

The Saint stayed down! Clearly luring Mike into a false sense of Security.

My 5 Woman squad failed their morale check AND faith test - off the board they went!

The blob shuffled to the right in order to be in range of the unit of Wraiths that killed the Exorcists. The combined might of my Blob and Coteaz's Multimeltas took out the Wraiths - Success! The 2 remaining Exorcists took out the 4 remaining Wraiths in my Deployment Zone.

Coteaz himself fired the Quad gun at a Flyer and killed it! Awesome!

Mikes only chance now was to take out my 2 remaining troop choices for a draw, and he potentially had 2 turns to do this. Luckily for me the second Lord stayed down for good.

He started his 4th by flying the immobile Scythe off the board and lining the other up to shoot the Henchmen. The Barges stood still for maximum fire affect and mikes whole army poured into them.

They went to ground behind the Defence Line but still lost 7 lasgunners.

My 4th began - It's not the best trick in the world but as they are both rolled at the start of the turn I tend to roll my Faith Points first if the Saint is down - 2 Reasons. I like suspense and secondly you can kind of dice count this.

If you roll a 1 for your faith points DONT REROLL IT. You're far more likely to get that 4+ for the Saint on average. Dice counting ftw!

Suffice to say she stayed down for a 3rd turn haha!

I really didn't have much to do here. Coteaz and the remaining Multimeltas were on their objective so could pre science and shoot the closest barge but did nothing. The Blob shuffled backwards in order to take my back objective.

The Exorcists took some last ditch pot shots at the remaining Flyers but did nothing! I managed a total of 3 shots between them...

Mikes 5th and it was crunch time now. He got one of his Flyers past my barricade so just needed to put some wounds on the unit to take them out. He did 3 annoyingly which meant my unit was still scoring. I actually saved a standard 6+ go to ground ho ho ho :D

The barges shot at Coteaz and his lat remaining Henchman but did nothing thanks to my 2+ cover. Phew!

The Saint got up in my 5th - She was in range to consolidate, move and contest Mikes back objective so Didn't bother getting stuck in.

Not much else happened! My Exorcists tried to take out the midfield Barges but couldn't breach their AV!

Mike rolled for End of Game and got a 2 - Cease fire!

So The tally was as follows;

Mike - 1 Objective

Steve - 2 Objectives. First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker


Beginners luck?

Until next time...

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  1. Well done on the victory! Sisters are a fairly strong army if you know and love them. They surprise my opponents often!