Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tau in 6th (Part 4 Ethereal and Fire Warriors painting update)

Hello again, it’s not been too long this time but I have a few more finished bits to share with you. I will start with the Tau Ethereal I have converted and painted. The Idea of the Ethereals being the spiritual leaders of the Tau has always appealed to me. They have the ultimate power over their own race with a Fire warrior willing to give his life for the cause to please the ethereal. I have mostly run an ethereal in the past when playing with my Tau through 3rd and 4th Ed even then they were crap but I enjoyed the challenge of trying to keep them alive.  Anyway enough of my rambling and onto the model.

So to start with it was a very simple conversion, basically taking one of the Forgeworld Air caste models and sculpting robes and a cloak onto it with green stuff. I used the very tall slight air caste as I think of an Ethereal as having quite a frail body but a strong single purposed mind. I added a piece of Tau armour to him just to keep the uniformed look to the whole army with the battle damage etc...
I needed to keep to the colour scheme but with no weapons to do the green on this would become tricky so I tried something different and am pleased with the result.

The face: A face with allot of character was important for this model as the Ethereal would be very strong willed (another reason why I chose the very detailed Forgeworld model). I needed to add allot of character so I used a sandy base colour but pushed all the shadows with purple in them to give more atmosphere and of course being an Ethereal he has god mode eyes.  Once finished I used a very fine brush to put some tattooed Tau letters on the forehead.

The Cloak: The cloak was tricky and new and I was worried before I started it but am pleased with the finished result. So after base coating the cloak black, I airbrushed a streak of the green I have used for the guns around it. I then found some Tau letters and tried to make them look a bit like glowing runes around the cloak. This worked but it was not quite there so I added stars over the background and foreground colours to lift the whole cloak not just parts of it. I would love to hear some feedback on this as it was completely new to me.

And just a few more pics of him...


The second thing I have finished is the first unit of 6 fire warriors are now ready for War.


As always comments welcome, keep painting and see you soon...


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