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GT Heat Brighton - Necrons

GT Heat Brighton - Necrons

So all of us Death and Glory guys had a weekend down in Brighton for the GT Heat, where much fun was had and many drinks were drunk!

So I am going to jump straight into my overview of the tournament with the list I used.


Destroyer Lord - MSS, Sempiternal Weave

Overlord - MSS, Sempiternal Weave, War scythe


5 Warriors
Harbinger of the Storm

Night Scythe

6 Immortals
Harbinger of the Storm

Night Scythe

5 Warriors

Fast Attack

5 Wraiths

5 Wraiths

5 Wraiths

Heavy Support

Annihilation Barge

Annihilation Barge

Annihilation Barge

Alies - Grey Knights


7 Henchman - 3 Multi Melta Servitors, 4 Warriors

Dreadnaught - 2 x Autocannon, psybolt ammunition


What did I learn?

This list was my first attempt to fit an overlord in their in 6th edition and I did not like it. He would go in with the immortals which could therefore be a fairly aggressive  holding unit. However, I found that Because of the 15 Wraiths getting stuck in fairly early on, there would be no need for the lord when he turned up. I think the only way to field the overlord and get good use out of him is by sticking him on a command barge or putting him in a big unit of troops and give him a res orb.

People are starting to go very heavy on multiple shots and high strength to combat fliers, which is having a big impact on the survivability of the Wraiths. In most games they died far too quickly and did not have enough of an impact, also with random charge distance combat units are becoming a liability. Far too many times I failed 5/6 inch charge at a really important part of the game.

Summary of my weekend

I won 3 and drew 1 with brief description of games below.

First game went smoothly. I was up against a Dark Elder player with 3 flyers. After a poor first turn of shooting from him, my Wraiths were able to get into combat relatively unscathed and it was pretty much over from that point. Annihilation Barges proved their ability to kill light armoured flyers.

Second game was against a fellow Necron player. Lost the game on First Blood which went to him due to my Dreadnaught killing himself with Perils of the Warp! He Dominated the game after a combat involving his 1 Wraith unit, Destroyer Lord and 3 Spyders against my 3 units of Wraiths and Destroyer Lord was lost by me.

Third game was against Tau with Eldrad Ally. A really interesting game and was a pleasure to lose to Mr Rhodes. The game ended 10-7 on Big Guns Never Tire. For me the most interesting thing was the ability to give a Tau Commander Hit and Run. He went in the unit of Broadsides with Eldrad, and when my Wraiths charged them and did very little the broadsides just Hit and Run at Eldrad's I5! Best moment of the Tournament went to Coteaz for killing Eldrad with his Pigeon on the last shot of the game!

Fourth game was against James 'The Master' Taylor. Close game and ended in a draw with neither of us with much left on the board. One thing I didn't realise is that Jaws of the World Wolf now affects Jump Infantry! Both Lords suffered the same horrible death!

Fifth Game was against Guard with Dark Angel Allies. After some horrific rolling for saves with my wraiths I had just the Destroyer Lord and his 5 Wraiths left. Who then went on to munch through most of the Guard army! The Vendettas blew up 5 tanks and 2 turns but my Grey Knight allies managed to take them down in the end. Enjoyed the game and my second win!

Final game was against Space Wolves with Grey Knight Allies. I finally stole the Initiative with Coteaz's ability and killed the long fangs before they got a chance to take down some Wraiths. After that it was an uphill struggle for my opponent. Went to the 7th turn and I managed to table my opponent, although my Destroyer Lord manged to get killed by an ark from one of the Barges on the last turn!


Good tournament and both games I lost could of been won with a bit more experience with the flyers and 6th ed rules! Mayhem is next week and going to try 2 units of wraiths and a barge for the Lord. Interested to see how much Barge Lords have been affected by the new rules.

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