Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Dark Mechanicus in 6th (Painting update The Dark Mechanic Arrives)

So with the exception of completing all the basing the army for Brighton is complete. I waited until the end to do the model for the Dark Mechanic himself. I wanted to give myself a treat at the end of finishing painting zombie Necron warriors and other units. For the back story i wanted to use one of the Dark Mechanicum Characters that is on the warhammer 40k wiki, and then bring him to life. The character Phayzarus caught my imagination with his hatred of Space marines and the idea he has rebuild his body completely to be a regenerating construct of flesh and steel.  Below I have put his history. I found this and a lot of my other info on the Dark Mechanicus on this site

"Phayzarus -  The Perjurer, is one of the most notorious of the heretical Magi of the Dar Forge World of Samech in the Jericho Reach, whose desecrations not only encompasses the machine, but also the Machine Cult's sacred Quest for Knowledge. Once a respected scion of Forge Dimeris, Phayzarus specialised in penetrating the datacrypts of human memory. Over time he developed a vast network of Cogitators that could extract crude meaning from the neuroelectrical readings of a subject’s brain. While the other Magi of Dimeris were content to reap the secrets his discoveries revealed, it was not enough for Phayzarus’ addiction to knowledge. In the seventh century of M41 he obtained the corpse of a fallen Space Marine and extracted the warrior’s Omophagea organ for study. After years of analysis, splicing, and self-experimentation, Phayzarus succeeded in replicating the Omophagea’s memory-absorbing abilities by grafting a sample of the organ into his own spine. He did not long enjoy his success before the new tissue began to fail. Without the divine interaction with the source of the Space Marines’ blessings, the Progenoid Gland, his ill-gotten gift began to fade. In order to maintain his covetous hold, Phayzarus reforged himself for a single, unimaginable purpose: to hunt Space Marines. He turned all of Samech’s forbidden science to his cause, re-making his body into a self-repairing amalgam of metal and artificial flesh to rival a member of the Adeptus Astartes. Using subsumed knowledge, he acquired powerful archeotech, and ruthlessly documented every scrap of wisdom and every verse of battle doctrine he could absorb concerning the Angels of Death."
The model itself is mostly constructed from a Dark Eldar Talos but with parts removed sculpted robes and the addition of a few extras. I also tried to bring it in line with the rest of the army with the bionic eye.

Phayzarus The Dark Mechanic in all his cybernetically enhanced goodness.

The Circular saw is being used as a warschythe , I doubt there is much that couldn't cut through.

Now just a few Detailed shots now of the Mind shackle scarab and the Injection Claw which I am using as the res orb for games.
Mind Shackle Scarab to look like a Brass clockwork fly.

Res orb to be more like the tools an space marine apothecary would use.

Hope you enjoyed him. I will be putting up some army shots once i am back from Brighton, and would appreciate any feedback or ideas as for what to do next. With the new chaos upon us i feel this project has a long way still to go.


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